Other Things Athlete’s Are Good At 2

2:The basket player After the soccer player I started to think more and more about sports people. I wanted to find out what kind of sex positions they might be adept at as a by-product of their given sport.

I didn’t post up something like ‘hot latino looking for athletes’, but if someone got in touch or I saw a match that mentioned a particular sport, I tended to give it a closer look than I would have previously.

The next one I came across was a basketball enthusiast with what he described as a world class three pointer, whatever that meant. Anyway, I was more focused on his nearly seven foot frame. He was skinny and all knees and elbows but when things got to the bedroom I found out that was no bad thing.

He was able to brace and angle himself in ways I had never experienced before, creating friction in corners of my pussy I wouldn’t have imagined. When I was on top of him was when I really noticed to difference. We communicated well and he was able to support me in ways I directed until I was cumming fast and furious. I came twice on top of him and once with him behind. World-class three pointer indeed!

3:The Martial Artist My latest athletic conquest was also the least expected. I’ve never been a big fan of violence so when a guy contacted me and mentioned he was into martial arts, I was dubious about how the meet-up would go. I was pleasantly surprised during our first date to find out that he was actually an incredibly humble person. When I mentioned this to him he told me that it was the martial arts training itself that made him who he was, and he saw it as a path to self-knowledge. Things started to heat up on his couch later that night but I didn’t feel like having full-on sex with him just yet and I told him as much. He smiled and said that was fine and there were plenty of other things we could do if I liked.

He’d told me earlier during our date that one of the most challenging physical aspects of martial arts training is having to train every part of one’s body to its maximum potential. I learned on that couch that one of those parts is the fingers.

The man possessed a dexterity that I assume could only be matched by piano players, matched with a strength and stamina that had me cumming before I knew what was going on. The experience was so intense that when I looked at the clock I realized he had been pushing my buttons for a little over 20 minutes.

Needless to say it got me curious as to what the other parts of his body could do so I lead him into the bedroom and found out! Now, I’ve had some great sex with men who weren’t exactly the fittest specimens on the planet.

Good sex comes in all shapes and sizes. That said, anyone who has dedicated time, effort and sweat to developing a particular set of skills and physical qualities will almost certainly be able to offer something you probably haven’t experienced before. Take it from me!


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