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I’ve was never a fan of the whole high school sports star routine. Everything about that type of guy said big muscles and no brain to me.

Then I started to get into the world of online adult matchups and the benefits of athletes as a sexual partner started to make more sense. Now I go out of my way to find people who specialize in different sports fields and am always eager to try and experiment with different kinds of athletes.

What is it that makes sex with athletes so good? The quick answer is, it all depends on the sport! My name is Diane and I’m not the sporty type. I’ve got a good body that I keep in shape with yoga and a healthy diet. That said, I’m more on the curvaceous rather than the lean side of things, thanks to a South American mother.

I also got her dark skin and luscious black hair, so it all works well without the sport. However, I wanted to tell you all about a few of the experiences that showed me how a little sport in my life could be a very good thing!

1:The Soccer player The first thing that springs to mind when I think of the world’s famous soccer players is arrogance! A little can be attractive in a guy but guys like Cristiano Ronaldo seem to take the whole ‘full of themselves’ things to new levels.

When a matchup got in contact with me and revealed he was big into his soccer, my first thought was he was big into watching it! I figured I could handle a little beer belly if the personality was good so I went along.

When he showed up, it was the first time I was a little disappointed that my date was a little too fit! However, the date quickly proved that he wasn’t the least bit full of himself. When we got back to his place, we already knew we liked each other so it didn’t take long to get down to serious business.

I figured stamina would not be a problem but I hadn’t predicted just how strong his back and leg muscles would be. I had tried sex held up against a wall before but the guys could rarely support me for more than 60 seconds. This guy managed it for a full 15 minutes, working some serious pelvic thrusts into things until I found myself cumming hard with my ass four feet off the ground. Goal!


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