The Perfect Girl 3

“Fuck man. This is some good shit.” Trench muttered. He was leaned back against a tree over looking Lake Vivi. The rest of Black were lazily lounging around him sharing a bottle of liquor and a joint between them.

“Dayam.” Kal-el whispered taking deep pull of smoke and blowing it out his nose. “Why the fuck do we go to school again?” He could barely see Grash even though they were standing side by side. The clouds were partially covering the moon and the stars just didn’t provide enough light by the lakeside.

You could literally drive into the lake without seeing it some nights. “Because our fuckin’ rents make us, otherwise it’s out on the streets.” Spike replied. He was lying on his back, his head propped up against a tree root. He was already high and drunk so it didn’t bother him that Kal-el had passed the bottle over his head without offering.

He was mostly focused on Shade. The only female in the group was sitting with her back against a tree with her legs splayed wide open. Shade didn’t have an ounce of humility in her, if for no other reason because she really thought of herself as just one of the guys. The idea that Spike was staring up her skirt at her crotch was so absurd it made her laugh. Instead she just tipped the bottle to her lips filling her mouth before swallowing and thrusting the bottle up over her head.

“Next!” “That’s me hun.” Trench replied snatching the bottle and taking a swallow. “Damn. We’re almost out of Jack.” He said holding the bottle up in the air and swishing the remaining liquid around.  “Guess that means it’s almost a night.” Shade replied reaching up for the bottle.

Grash snatched the bottle away holding it just out of Shade’s reach. “I’m not ready to turn in just yet.” He replied grinning down at her. “Shhh.” He whispered turning his head quickly. “What?” “I think I heard something.” * * *

“C’mon Chris. I want to get in the water!” Jesse squealed already pulling her white sweater up over her head.

Beneath her breasts were barely concealed by a blue bikini top that strained to hold her flesh in place. Even in the low light she had succulent tits.  “Slow down girl.” He replied trying to keep up with her. The football captain was no where near as nimble as his cheerleader counterpart. Jesse made it look easy to hop and skip down the bank while pulling her shirt up over her head.

Chris could barely keep from falling with both hands so he didn’t notice the floating glowing ember only ten feet away.  “Hurry up or you’ll never catch me!” Jesse called back as she started reaching to undo the clasp on her skirt skillfully kicking her shoes off as she reached the water’s edge. Her skirt followed quickly afterward flung in some random direction.

Beneath she was wearing a blue thong that only barely covered her ass. If she hadn’t already been splashing into the water she might have heard a few muffled gasps at the sight of her full rear. Instead she just striding out into the lake until the water was around her waist and dove into the water.

“Wait!” Chris shouted again tripping over something and tumbling the rest of the way into the water. “Damnit.” He growled standing up and wiping the mud from his face and pealing his shirt overhead.


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