Zoe And The Boss 3

Carl’s back stiffened at Zoë’s remark, but he ignored her and continued dusting while trying with his free hand to surreptitiously to persuade his erection to lie flatter against his stomach.

He did not succeed, so hard was his cock that it was determined to stand out ‘loud and proud’. “Carl, there are duties that you would like me to perform in the office, but which fall too far outside of my job specs. Fortunately, in the circumstances, you don’t have any job specs apart from ‘what I say goes’, so I think I’ll add some of those to my own ideas for your work here today.” If Zoe had been in front of Carl at that moment she would have seen him close his eyes momentarily, half dreading and half hoping that he had guessed right as to just what those duties might be.

After all, he had made little attempt at work to disguise his lusting after Zoë’s body and maybe those pigeons were coming home to roost. “And just what might those ideas be, may I ask?” Carl enquired in his usual patronising voice. “You may not. You will be informed at the appropriate moment, until then just get on with your work.” Her mimicry of his ‘managerial’ voice and way of speaking was uncanny.

She could see him bristling at the impersonation. She watched him dusting his way along a book shelf or a little while, then, when he got near to the end, she spoke again. “As soon as you’ve done that shelf, – and properly mind, – come to me, I have another job for you.” “What now?” “You’ll see, just finish that shelf first. Carl finished the shelf in silence, and then turned to face Zoe. “Yes?” “I’ll say this as you would like to speak to me, except that you daren’t!” Zoe looked disparagingly at him. “Come over here, kneel down and lick my cunt!”  “What!” His mouth dropped open and the words fell out. “I’ll do no such thing, young lady, how dare you speak to me like that!” “Yes you will. You’ve wanted me to suck your cock long enough, as you once told me at the Christmas party. Now it’s my turn.

So come on, get on your knees!” She leaned back in her chair, raised her negligee and opened her legs to him, revealing the said cunt, wet and glistening. Carl still did not move, but his cock did. Zoe could clearly see it twitching its enthusiasm. “Well? You’ve wanted to touch my cunt often enough.

Now that you can, are you not man enough for the job?” Her taunt did the trick. Sinking to his knees Carl leaned forward and began tentatively to lick Zoë’s clit. “Not like that! It’s like you expect it to bite you! I want it pushed flat onto me, all the way up my slit as if you were licking an ice lolly, and put some fucking effort into it. I want that tongue to ache by the time I cum!” Carl complied, his tongue working overtime, lapping away at Zoë’s clit and cunt for all he was worth.

In normal circumstances he would even have paid to be allowed to do this, but the fact that he had no choice was giving all the pleasure to Zoe. For Zoe this was heaven. Not only was she being licked in just the way she wanted to be, but she had the pleasure of knowing that her high and mighty boss was the one forced into doing it. She could feel her juices running, combining with Carl’s saliva to make her slick and wet from her clit to her anus and beyond.

Soon she felt the earliest stirrings of her orgasm deep within her pelvis, at first just a warm sensation of pleasure that grew hotter and stronger as her climax neared, bringing little gasps from her and making her writhe gently under Carl’s tongue.


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