Zoe And The Boss 2

“As soon as you’ve put your uniform on.” “Uniform? I’m not wearing any uniform. You don’t wear a uniform!” “Not as such, no. But you make it very clear that you want me in a short skirt and a low top at work, so you’ll wear a uniform too.”

“Oh. All right! What uniform have you in mind?” “This one.” She passed him a French-maid’s apron, complete with frills. “But I’ll look ridiculous!” “True, but then so do I wearing mini skirts at thirty-four!” “Very well.” He made to fasten the apron around his waist. “Oh, no! You’re not to wear your uniform as well as your street clothes. I don’t wear trousers under my mini skirt or a shirt and tie under my top, so you don’t wear them under your uniform either.” He looked at her open mouthed for a minute, then closed it, submitted to the unavoidable embarrassment, and began to undress. His mouth was now a tight lipped line in a reddening face.

Zoe smiled to herself in triumph. She had to admit that for a man in his late forties Carl was fit. He was tall, well proportioned, and had the ruggedly handsome looks that belied his job as a ‘pen-pusher’. She knew her played golf and squash, and it clearly paid off in toned muscle, though his almost hairless chest was not really to her taste. Having said that, his circumcised cock, looking promising even in its flaccid state, definitely was to her taste.

Soon he stood before her dressed only in the frilly apron, trying hard to maintain a semblance of his accustomed authority and dignity in the face of her frank appraisal. “Yes, you’ll do.” She passed him a feather duster. “Perhaps you’d like to begin by giving this room a dusting. Then there’s the hall, the bedroom, dining room… well, you get the idea!” His glower spoke volumes. She sat and watched for a while, entertained by the unlikely sight of a nearly naked executive going over her ornaments with a feather duster.

Then she decided that if she really was to be a lady of leisure today, she may as well dress the part, and went to change. Returning a few minutes later, wearing a rather diaphanous negligee and nothing else, she was pleased to see that Carl had not taken the chance to slack off, but was still hard at it. Her route back to her seat took her close behind him, and she took predictable advantage of that to run a hand over his buttocks and into his crack as she passed by. His reaction was instantaneous. He jumped forward from surprise, spun round and glared at her.

“Keep your hands to yourself young lady. Just because I’m doing this doesn’t give you the right to touch me up!” “I don’t see why not. It seems to give you the right at the office. I thought you’d appreciate my attention as I’m supposed to appreciate yours. Nice arse, by the way!” Carl glared silently, unable to find a suitable answer, then turned and resumed his task, though with the occasional glance over his shoulder to see where she was. He seemed a little perturbed by her negligee.

Zoe resumed her seat and watched silently for a little while. Then she looked a little harder, her attention drawn by something she thought she’d seen. Had she? She couldn’t quite believe it, but yes, there it was clear to see. She burst out laughing.

Carl had a hard on! “You’re not keeping your mind on your work Carl. Just be careful you don’t knock over any ornaments with that thing!”


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