In Quest For Dominance 3

“My boyfriend that is his ring tone,” She replied almost shyly. I laughed and asked her about the boyfriend, found out he was tame and hopeless in bed, but only the second person she ever had sex with.  I changed over to a new condom and lined up her pussy.

Time for the third man ever to start fucking her pussy, I thought as I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and entered her pussy with one swift stroke and started to pound away. Her mobile continued to ring away, and I laughed at the thought of her pathetic boyfriend calling and calling her, while I was fucking her into the bed. I had her moaning and she started to cum on my cock as I pounded away. She threw her head back in orgasmic bliss as she came in waves with a good hard fuck. 

I was enjoying the tight pussy and the bouncing tits and I started to feel my balls tighten and slowed down a little. I asked, “Have you always been a good girl and practiced safe sex?” “Yes, my boyfriend always wears a condom, always!” She replied. “Are you on the pill girl?” I asked forcefully. She meekly answered, “No.” I slowly pulled out of her pussy and she stared at my cock while I pulled off the condom and then I pushed my cock back into her….”I think it is time to make you pregnant, you will enjoy having my child,” I stated loudly.

Once again her eyes went really wide, and she just looked at me and said, “I don’t want to get pregnant, please…” Ignoring her words, I just continued to pump her tight pussy and I knew she would be full of my cum very soon, which I told her. She looked very worried and was really enjoying the mind fuck I was giving her. I slammed my cock into her at high speed working up to blowing my load in her. I continued to pound away with no resistance at all, and groaned and shot a massive load into her pussy.  I continued to slowly pump in and out of her pussy as I held her knees towards her head and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy full of my cum.

I held her there and asked her how it felt to be full of my cum, as she looked up and said, “Scary,” which brought another laugh from me.  I eventually pulled out of her and some cum dripped from her pussy, I scooped it up and fed it into her mouth, and she quickly licked it up. I moved my cock to her mouth and she cleaned that up also, licking and sucking my cock.

I thought to myself, ‘ this girl is a quick learner.’  I got off the bed and walked back to the foyer; her phone was still ringing, but with longer periods between calls. I picked up her bag and grabbed the phone… 34 missed calls and 5 texts. I walked back to the bedroom and showed her the phone. “He will be so pissed!” She cried, “Oh, it was him and Yenny calling also.” So I asked who Yenny was. She was her best friend from University she explained to me.

I took the phone off her and pushed her back on the bed, I slid my cock into her pussy again and pushed the green call button to ring Yenny. Sure enough this sweet sounding Asian girl answered the phone. “Hello June, why have you ignored my calls?” Yenny asked. I told her this was not June, but a guy she had just met, and I asked Yenny about herself a little and chatted about June and how she is such a nice girl.


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