13 Things You Must Avoid If you Must Be Very Rich

A lot of people struggle financially and they think to themselves, I can not become rich because I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough capital, I don’t have the right idea or am not in the right industry or I don’t have the right connections, from my experience, that’s not what holds most people back. What holds most people back is this one thing, and that is EGO.

You may be thinking, “no, I don’t have any ego, what is this guy talking about, am just struggling financially, I just don’t have money”, but i want to let know, that’s not true, Ego comes in many disguise, people who are broke have many of this Ego holding them back. I will share with you 13 of this Ego. Comment below if you recognize any one of them. And if you think you don’t have any, that’s exactly the problem.

1. The Blame Ego

Laying blame on people, the blaming ego says; Its the government’s fault, Its the economy, Its the industry, Its my coworkers, Its my parents, i come from a dis-functional family and that’s why I will never become rich, or its because of my friends I will never become rich, or its my supervisor, he is the one holding me back and that’s why I can never become rich. The blame ego always say its someone else fault, they are always pointing fingers, and remember, when you are pointing finger to someone else, one finger is pointing out and three fingers is pointing back to you. Do you have this ego?, do you blame other people?, do you make excuses, that’s exactly what is holding you back. put the blame on yourself, see yourself as the reason why you are not yet rich.

2. The know It All Ego.

People who are broke usually think they know it all, they say they know what they are doing, they study pieces, and you know what?; non of them works for them, because they thought they know what they are doing, but they don’t know anything. The know it all always think they know everything, keep doing the same thing again and again and expecting different result, that’s the definition of insanity.

3. The Fearful Ego.

What holds a lot of people back is fear, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of making amistakes. Think about it, before you do something, you say to yourself, what if it doesn’t work, or what if I lose money, or what if I make mistake, then what happen if I don’t know what to do, or if I can’t figure this out, then what if, what if, what if…, what if it dose work?. Always remember, fear is an acronym, False Evidence Appearing Real. Its nothing more than a made up stories in your own mind. So do you have the fearful ego holding you back? tell us in the comment below.

4. The Comfort Zone Ego This ego says am comfortable, am happy where I am, am content, things are fine, I don’t need to be that ambitious, but that the problem. Your income zone is your comfort zone and your comfort zone is your income zone. When you get complacent, when you get comfortable, you are not growing, and don’t forget, when you are not growing, you are dying. So, do you have this Ego that is holding you back right now? And what are you going to do? Put that down in the comment below

5. The Judgmental Ego

Imagine you are walking down the street and suddenly you hear crazy throttling and suddenly you saw a red Ferrari, vooom just drove by, what’s the first thought that comes through your mind?, comment below, don’t filter it, no added, just comment below. What’s the very first thought that comes to your mind?. My guess are “what an asshole, who dose he think he is?, so selfish, greedy bastard, Its not his money anyway, its his daddy’s money, if its a lady or a woman, you say: that’s a goal digger“. All this negativity, that’s you judging other people, my question to you is how do you know?, these are all made up stories in your mind, or you say he is no that good, she is not that pretty, he is not that smart; you are judging other people, you are projecting your own insecurity, your own values over the other people, how do you know that man is not an hard working man?, how do you know he is not a good husband?, how do you know he is not a family man?, how do you know he is somebody who has worked 20 to 30 years to get to where he is at this point? How do you know? You judge, you come to your own conclusion before you talk to the person. You see how you mind works?, how are you going to succeed, how are you ever going to become rich if that is the image you have for people who are successful?

6. The Excuses Ego You can make money, and you can make excuses but you can not do both. An excuses is nothing more than a well planned LIES. The excuses ego says; I can’t afford it, I don’t have money, that’s too far, that’s too difficult, or I don’t have enough experience, its always I can’t, I can’t, I can’t or I don’t know how, you can have a million excuses why you can not do it, but you only need one good reason why you must do it.

7. The people pleasing Ego.

Well, I just want to make sure everybody is happy, everybody is okay, I don’t want to wrong anybody, as long as everybody is okay, I am fine, you try to please people too much, you always try to put other people first, nothing wrong with that, but sometimes in life, you have to put yourself first. You have to be a little bit selfish so that you could be generous.  Comment below if you know what am talking about. You always put your families first, you always put other people first, my question to you is, what about you?, are you thinking you are been selfless?, No, you are been selfish. That’s people pleasing ego.

8. The Justification Ego

You justify why you don’t do something, you justify why you can’t do it, you say; I am too young, I am too old, I am an immigrant, I don’t have enough experience, its too late, am married, I have got a husband, I have got a wife, I have kids, I never wanted it anyway, that’s a lie. You justify your failures, don’t use your kids as an excuse, instead see them as your motivation why you must do something,not why you can’t do something.  Stop Justifying!  Confess it that you will stop justifying your failures today in the comment box below.

9. The Jealous Ego Have you ever said things like; rich people are greedy, they are selfish, Its not that a big deal anyway; its jealousy, don’t criticize what you have not done or what you are not capable to do, don’t judge!.

10. Fake Ego

Have you ever met someone, you don’t know them but the minute you meet them, they just have this weird kind of vibe, you don’t trust him or her, or they feel very fake or in the other way round have you ever met someone the minute you meet with them, you make that instant connection and then they is that trust, they is that bond that you feel this person is sincere.

The fake ego, maybe that’s you, maybe you are very good that in one circumstance you can be this person, in another circumstances you can be that person and before you know it, you have done it for so many years, you don’t know who you are any more, you don’t know which one is the real you, you’ve lost yourself, be yourself, everyone else is taken, its only yourself that’s left, take yourself and be yourself. I will rather people hate me for who I am than love me for who I am not. So don’t use the fake ego, you don’t need it to be successful. I really like you to leave it today because i want you to be rich, if you have lost your real person to fake Ego, make sure you are following this channel, i will publish an article that will help you find yourself and be the true you.

11. The Shy Ego

The shy ego says, well, am just shy, am just an introvert, am not good with people, its okay, I don’t like to talk, I will just be like that, you use that as an excuse, you use that to stay in your own bubble, you use that to stay in your own shell, you allow that to cage you, believe it or not, almost all the world leaders today were introverts, even now that they are successful, they still feel their introvert nature, so its normal, they just don’t let that hold them back, they knew they want to be rich so they have to get out of their comfort zone, they know they have to overcome their shyness if they have to reach the peak of their goal, don’t use your personality to hold yourself back. Pull yourself out today! 

12. The Other People’s Opinion Ego Be honest, do you worry a lot what people think about you?, do you worry how people perceive you? Comment it below, don’t filter it.  do you allow what people think about you stop you from doing what you are doing?, even when deep down of you, you know that’s the right thing to do?, if that’s true about you, then that’s because you have other peoples opinion ego, you let other people opinion stop you from doing the right thing. Those people could be your family, they could be your friends, it could be your school body, it doesn’t matter who the people are, it could be social media, you are uploading videos, you are posting on social media, you are making noise and getting attention, suddenly, you get a few hatters, and you stop, people who don’t care about you, hatters that chose to add no value in your life. Some losers post a comment and you are like; it hurts my feelings and you stop doing what is right, you stop doing what is going to make you successful. Stop!, stop worrying about other people’s opinion, its just their opinion, it doesn’t matter, hatters must hate, losers must loss, everybody has right to his or her opinion, it don’t matter, you should just keep doing what you know is right. 

13. The Do It Yourself Ego

It says if you want to get something done?, you do it yourself. It says; they will never do it as good as I will or I don’t trust him or her. What you are saying is that you don’t trust other people, that’s an ego, its a form of ego that is holding you back, because nothing great is accomplished with one person, it requires other persons, it requires team work.

This is one of the most common ego that is holding entrepreneurs back from going to that next level because they are control freaks, they are massive do it your self persons.


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