Temptation At The Workplace 8

That confused me, “…what?” “What’s the better crime show? I’m more into CSI myself.” Heh, cute. Seems she was really into tv and movies. Perfect way to keep the conversation going. It also reminds me she’s just another person, working her 9 to 5 to make it, just like me, and not this ultimate dream girl I keep picturing her to be.

“Heh.. Well actually Becky I’m more into Law and Order.” The rest of the car ride was just laughing and talking about our favorite shows and mindless trivia. We didn’t really flirt or tease or anything like that, but I felt like we connected in some way. At least she knew I was alive.  We finally arrived at my place, two floor apartment in which I lived upstairs. She stepped out and took a look. “Nice place. All yours?” “I wish. I live in the upstairs. The landlords are bottom floor. They’re real nice though.” She smiled, “Must be nice. Whenever I used to live in apartment the landlords were always assholes.

Does it ever get lonely, I mean whenever the girlfriend doesn’t spend the night?” I looked at her and answered, “Not really. I just kick back and watch tv.” “Heh, nice. Well I’m heading home. Still gotta make supper.” She hugged me and held me tight for a few seconds which made me blush and stagger.

I wasn’t really expecting that and the feel if her nice firm breasts pressing up against me made my cock insta-hard.  She pulled back and smiled, “Are you blushing? Oh my god, that’s so cute.” I looked away, totally embarrassed. “I am not…” She moved closer to me, here eyes piercing into my very being, “You must really like me huh, Joseph?” I didn’t know what to say. It wouldn’t be so awkward if we both weren’t taken. She was such a playful tease, I also didn’t wanna say yes and have her ‘turn me down’. I decided to tease back.

I knew she’d never cheat on her guy so I might as well let her know I do like her.  “Heh… Maybe more than I should.” She smirked. “Don’t worthy. It’ll be our secret.” She turned and headed back to her car, opening the door to get back in.  “Oh and um.. Thanks for the ride Becky. I really appreciate it.” “Don’t mention it.

Maybe now you can talk to be more often and not be so shy around me. I mean I know you check me out Joe-Joe but don’t put me on a pedestal. I’m just me.” “Ok. Good night.” I waved as she got in her car and drove off.

I walked to my place thinking to myself, “well that was pleasant.” It sounded sappy but I’d be happy just being able to walk right up and talk to her whenever I wanted.  Later that night Kayla got a good hard fucking. I has Becky’s tits pressing against my chest so fixated on my mind, I felt like I almost broke my girlfriend. Luckily she loved it rough. 

The next couple of days went by and whenever I happened to cross paths with Becky we’d talk random chatter. Whenever she wore a tight set if jeans on casual Friday she’d always toss me a playful look, knowing I was admiring her amazing ass.

There was a time I was eating lunch with Trish and Becky was grabbing her stuff in the background. Honestly I was kinda tuning out her usual rant against men as I couldn’t help but check out Becky’s black form fitting dress pants.

Trish noticed and seemed annoyed ,”Hello, Earth to Joseph. Stop gawking at your Work Girlfriend and listen to me.” I blushed and didn’t want her to hear. “She’s not my work girlfriend Trish… And I’m not gawking at her.” Becky turned and walked over, eager to embarrass me.

“Oh, I’m your Work Girlfriend now?” “N-no….?” I could barely reply. I felt myself blushing badly and both of these women knew it.  Trish smirked ,”Yeah. He’s totally into you. You should see how his jaw drops whenever you step into a room.

It’s like everyone vanishes and you’re the only one here.” Marcey was there too and she decided to tease as well. “Oh Joe, don’t you have a girlfriend though?” I didn’t know what to say and tried to be funny, “I’m not checking her out. I’m simply admiring how much of a snazzy dresser she is

Trish and Marcey gave a sarcastic “uh-huh”.  Becky rubbed my head playfully, “Aw am I making my Joe-Joe blush?” Marcey teased, “your Joe-Joe?” “Yeah. My Joe-Joe and only he is allowed to check me out. Aren’t you sweetheart?” I didn’t know what to say which made the women laugh. Yeah.

I need to hang out with Trish less.  Trish said, “Dressed like that, I doubt you’d be able to stop all the other guys from checking you out.”

Becky gave her a slight glare, which made it hard to tell wether she was being serious or not, “Maybe you’re jealous cause he’s looking at me… And not at you.” “Oh as if! What do I care!”  Becky smirked, “Struck a nerve I see.”…


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