Distinct Signs Of An Emotional Abusive Relationship 2

There are other signs of an emotional abusive relationship apart from the aforementioned and they include

  • Very Supportive When It Suits Them Not to mention, getting stuck with an emotionally abusive partner can become very confusing. In other words, they remain loving, charming, and kind at times and it can be very confusing for the victim. Therefore, the victim loves and longs for the care and this is what stops them from leaving their abusive partner. However, studies reveal that emotional abuse will only get worse over a period of time.
  • Takes Control Of The Finances If you are forced to beg for finance or if your partner spends money on immoral things, then think wisely. In other words, someone who does not care about your basic needs and behaves cruelly with you, its abuse. You better walk out as soon as possible.
  • Abuses Animals And Pets & Damages Property As a matter of fact, people often think that if their partner does not kick, punch, or beat, they are doing fine. That’s simply not true. In general, abuse and violence can include punching the wall, standing, pushing and everything else. Also, the abuser can break a lot of things and someone else can also get hurt in the process. Overall, when things have escalated to such an extent, it’s time for professional help.
  • Criticizes You In Front Of Others Your partner might behave in any way to just shame you. Moreover, they may also try to isolate you from all your family member and friends. An emotional abuser may also speak ill of you in front of others, especially in front of those who care for you. And finally, in an emotionally abusive relationship, you realize you are not in touch with your friends and your abuser might have turned your friends against you.
  • Using The Kids An abuser loves to remain the center of attraction and even expects their partner to treat them before God.  In other words, the abuser expects to be saluted and worshipped every now and then. Also, the abuser might say, “Nowadays you have become more attached to your children” and try emotional blackmailing. When your kids are wise enough to understand things, they might speak ill in front of them and can cause a split. Overall, the abuser will try every trick in his book to cause misery, harm, and emotional disturbance in your life.

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