But Honey I Don’t Want To 6

I lead Angela into a corner of the yard between some shrubs and the fence. Moments later the guy I’d spoken to joined us. I stepped behind Angela and undid her bikini top. I pulled it off her shoulders and her bare tits gleamed in the night. In seconds the guy had his hand on her tits, squeezing and kneading them. “Wow! Nice!” he said quietly while Angela kept her eyes cast down submissively. I let him play with them for several seconds more, and then said, “When you get back to the pool, quietly spread the word that Angela’s tits are here for the groping!” Reluctantly he let go of her tits and headed back to the 30 or so people around the pool. I watched as he talked to several guys, and over the next half hour five more husbands or boyfriends left their women to come to the bushes and play with Angela’s tits! Later, while driving home, I asked, “Did you enjoy yourself?” Angela turned towards me and I saw a tear run down her cheek. “No!” she said quietly. “Why did you want those guys to touch me?” I grinned at her and said, “I wanted them to touch you because I enjoy making you do things like that!”  When we got home I was so hot that I fucked her three times, finishing just as dawn was brightening the eastern sky! For the next while I thought that we’d finally plateaued. Sex was still often and fun, but I didn’t add anything new. Frankly, there wasn’t anything that I could think of that a man and woman could do that we weren’t doing! Then I got another idea! The next day I got on the Internet and found a site that allowed married people who were looking for a little sex on the side to connect. I found a guy nearby that seemed OK, so I met with him and arranged for him to come over on that Thursday evening. Tuesday night while I was forcing Angela to have her third orgasm of the night by licking her clit, I said, “Guess what, Babe. We’re going to have a threesome!” Angela jerked up onto her elbows and gasped, “But Honey…….NO! Really! I won’t!” My anger flared and I shouted. “YES YOU WILL!” and I was pleased by the way that Angela cringed. I wrapped my lips around her hard clit and flicked it with my tongue. I forced her to have three orgasms in a row before I relented and sat up to look at her. “You’ll fuck with another guy while I watch because I tell you to!” Panting, Angela closed her eyes and nodded slightly. Thursday evening I sent Angela to have a long bath, but told her to be back by 7 o’clock. Just before 7, the doorbell rang and Gerry, the guy I’d contacted, was standing outside. “Come on in, Gerry,” I said.  I got him a glass of wine and went to get Angela. I found her sitting on our bed with her bath robe on. “Get dressed like I told you!” I said sharply. “But Honey……..” she started looking up at me pleadingly. “Enough of that!” I snapped. “Tonight you’ll be a perfect hostess for our guest and you’ll do whatever I tell you to without question. You’ll get to feel two men inside you at the same time! Now get into that silk teddy I bought you and join us!” Angela’s response was much the same as when her father had ordered her around. She really was beautifully trained! Her eyes dropped to the floor and she quietly started doing as she’d been told. I watched as she dropped her robe from her naked body and pulled the teddy on over her head. It was so short that it barely covered her ass and crotch, and so thin that her hard nipples stood out nicely! I turned and walked down the hallway with Angela padding obediently behind me. I led her into the living room and guided her to sit down on the couch between Gerry and I. “Gerry, this is Angela,” I said. “Isn’t she gorgeous?” “Fantastic!” Gerry said, his eyes devouring her. I poured two more glasses of wine and handed one to Angela.  “Drink up, Babe!” I told her. Angela took a sip and I said, “All of it!” She then poured the whole glass down without stopping.  “Now show Gerry how glad you are that he’s here by giving him a big kiss!”…


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