Fun At Dinner final

She could feel Aidan beginning to pick up his pae, giving her less time to catch her breath, but the feelings she was giving herself made her endure her growing distress.

Aidan then told her: “I’m going to unload in your mouth. You are going to swallow it. Then, you are going to thank me.” Naomi moaned in agreement the best she could. She felt his cock begin to throb rhythmically as he let out a long deep moan of his own.

Suddenly she felt something warm fill the back of her throat and run down. She had no choice but to swallow as she herself felt her pussy squeeze around her fingers, her throbbing matching Aidan’s ashe came in her mouth.

She swallowed and swallowed until he was done. Aidan puller her head away from his cock and tilted her head up. Naomi looked him in the eyes and said, “Thank you so much…I – I don’t even know your name!” “It’s Aidan.” he replied. Naomi began to rise from the floor. “I am Naomi.” she said as she stood up. “Well Naomi,” he started as he fixed himself and buckled his pants.

“It was nice to have met you and maybe we should meet this way again. Naomi snapped back to the present. Sitting at the booth looking out of the window. She came to the diner every week waiting for Aidan, and every week Aidan would be there waiting to ravage her in new and exciting ways. “Hello, Naomi,” said Aidan. Naomi smiled and looked away from the window fully aroused and anticipating what pleasures he would bring this time as she turned to face him.


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