The Resistance

Just one positive case recorded and there’s chaos in Delta state already, A week into the lockdown Different odd stories already coming in, Do we even ask ourselves What’s wrong with this beloved state of ours? The answer to that question is US, we’re what’s wrong with this state and except we change our attitude things will not get better, Our major problem is obviously not ignorance,but our choice of staying ignorant. Even with a good and educated governor who makes sure to update and encourage us subsequently we have done nothing on our own to ease tensions. Early last month I was in Lagos state and I left towards the last week, it was when I got to Delta State that it really dawned on me that there is a deadly virus rampaging the globe, every here and there you hear nothing but ignorance speaking with so much arrogance,and the few learned ones that are supposed to encourage and inform others correctly have chosen to be prophets of doom knowing how much their words weigh on others, What happened to us being the resistance, How come optimism does not live here again. just so you know The state border was closed and a compulsory shut down was issued in the state 9,days ago not only to prevent people with the virus from entering the state but to contain it and reduce how much it spreads, Why was the shut down 14 days? At times ask yourself questions, If no case was recorded in Delta then I know this whole test stuff is one big joke,

The essence of the 14days is to Reduce the spread and to also figure out those already infected because some cases take up to 14 days before the symptoms becomes obvious, There’s no stopping it from entering delta So instead of instilling fear in yourself and others around you due to ignorance Just keep quite and mind what you upload and tell people, In times of war the first thing that dies Is the truth but we should not be the reason it does, We shouldn’t go about preaching doom We should talk about the 44 recovered persons At times just leave the red and yellow Choose to see the green , Give people hope Help elate the poor and ignorant ones, And those who rely on you for updates? Tell them it’s not as bad as it seems, Tell them China is almost whole again Tell them Gov. Makinde is alright again Tell them we would be fine Only then we would. Since we can’t join hands Let’s join minds and be the resistance. Let’s stay at home so we can come out sooner Let’s not so much think about how it used to be Let’s think about how it can be. Let’s be strong We are never alone Stay safe Wash your hand and Remain optimistic There’s always light at the end of each tunnel. We are the RESISTANCE


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