Inner Strength

Just this evening on my way back, i saw an aged man obviously weak and tired he was carrying a sewing machine on his shoulders and he could barely walk properly with the weight of this machine telling on him seriously, he kept on pushing anyway,

i looked at him closely and saw a printed inscription on his shirt ” WEAKNESS IS NOT AN OPTION”
Wow this is elating i said and in as much as i know he doesn’nt know what those words means i actually saw him living it and truth be told that inscription made me see life through a more revealing lens.
Most times in our lives we get tucked in our busy schedules and endeavors, and most times too we just let go of things that really matters with excuses of being tired,
we start so many new and nice stuffs but end up running away from them because we actually feel it’s too much to handle,
we have so much dreams and aspirations but at times we are just too afraid of pursuing them because we feel it would be exhausting and would drain us so much,
in our various specialty we often let go the will to do beyond average, we just want to do what others do
there’s no point killing ourselves right? if its arduous i’m not in.
I understand, i make so much excuses too
i’m not going to the lab today ,it would be exhausting,
i’m not joining the soccer team i’m too weak for that
i would have studied a little more i’m just too weak
its a list of unending excuses but the truth is in our daily activities WEAKNESS SHOULD NEVER BE AN OPTION
There’s a strength in us, it is called the inner strength we’ve got to learn to draw from it, it can never be exhausted
it will help you do much more than normal ,it will help you walk that extra inch
that inch might just be all you need.
it will help you work harder all that can elevate you might just be a little more effort, You never might know
I’m not endorsing working so hard to the extent of draining yourself what i’m trying to say is that there is so much you can be if you ever allow yourself lose sight of your shores,
its in you, it took courage and strength to get here and if you ever feel like giving up
just remember the reason you started in the first place.


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