I’m just exhausted, I have fought and won this battle in my mind, I have been optimistic and resilient, I have done all I know to do the best way it can possibly be done yet its just like I have done nothing, I have lost the will to live there is nothing left to live for I’M DONE.
 This is the death note a young man wrote before taking his own life.

I know right now you might feel someone killing himself is unrealistic, I mean no matter how hard life is its still beautiful and precious to us how can one possibly end it all by himself?
The thing is you should never be so sure you would never get to that point in your life when you would feel death is a better alternative, see life has a way of teaching people difficult lessons, life has a way of pushing people so hard to doing stuffs they never thought they could do,
What happens when you’ve literally tried all you know and it all goes south?
What about loving and caring for your spouse with all your heart only to find out she’s been cheating on you with your bestfriend?
What about meeting your wife in bed with your neighbor and actually getting to know the children you’ve invested all your life on aren’t yours?
Or spending seven years in school only to be told few weeks to your graduation you’ve never really been a student because the authenticity of your admission is questionable?
Times like this what do you do?
Will you really see reasons why you should continue to strive?
Will you be able to love or live again?
Will you not get totally disoriented and consider suicide?
Sure it will cross your mind but we should know most of the things we go through don’t really happen to us they actually happen for us,
We can use it all to our advantage and it might be the reason we thrived remember it is the thing that crushed the eaglet most that causes it to soar
What happens to you when all your biggest fears have happened to you?
You definitely will have nothing else to fear, its not always about falling its about standing everytime we fall.
Its okay to be weak
Its okay to fall
Its okay to cry
Its okay to be pained
Its okay to feel rejected and frustrated
Its okay to be angry and sad
At times its just okay to lose it all
But you know whats not okay?
Losing the will to continue fighting
Its not okay to not stand up and soar above your fears always try to keep your head up
We’re all warriors and warriors literally give everything but they don’t give up
Because they know victory is certain.


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