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I have a friend I literally do everything for, whenever she’s hungry I make sure to do something about it even if it means giving her my last plate of food, when she’s in need of money I don’t mind giving her my last cash, I don’t really care if it’ inconveniencing for me, I just want to always make sure she’s okay and that’s what I always made sure to do.

One day I was hungry and I just felt like I should let her know, I told her and she said please don’t disturb me, what do you want me to do?
I was like wow seriously? I walked out really surprised because I expected her to reciprocate a bit of my care towards her but she never came through for me, that day I realized we would never be nice to people if we expected so much from them.
The next morning I still saw her and asked hope you’re fine? Are you sure you’ve eaten?
Its not foolishness its called love.
There’s so much we do for people at different times but they never appreciate our efforts,
At times we go extra miles just to make others smile but funnily they act like we owe them that favour it can be so much annoying especially in a society like our’s that almost every young lady feels an extension of help from a young guy is an indication he want’s something from her and at times those guys go home at the end of the day with insults for just being nice.
Its that bad but what should we do then?
Should we stop all these good acts and just focus on our own happiness?
MATHAMA GANDHI once said if you’re given a choice of being good or nice, choose to be kind because we’re never truly fulfilled if those around us aren’t , wherever we find ourselves we should always try to do our best for humanity without expecting them to return those favours,
We should learn to love and accept people just the way they are, the world becomes a better place with every inch of kindness we show’ it cant be exhausting and you shouldn’t expect people to applaud you the truth is that even if you lie on the floor for people to cross some would still complain you’re not flat enough, its inevitable for people to be annoying but we should never allow people stop us from loving them.
Make sure you make someone smile daily it means a lot you never will know how far it goes to making them better hence making our world a better place
It just doesn’t cost a thing to be nice.


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