A Letter To My Daughter

Hello ADESUWA it’s me your daddy, how are you holding up right there my angel?
I know you’re doing great because being stuck inside that beautiful lady you will get to call Mommy is the closest thing to heaven anyone can ever get to feel here on earth, I know you’re smiling right now, but don’t be so surprised, how can I not know my wife’s womb is heaven when every glimpse of her draws me closer to redemption.
My dear Tovia, though you’re not here yet even as I write this but I’m very certain you will get to see this someday,and when you do baby just smile for me and say I love you too daddy because I so much love you my dear and I have loved you even before the thought of you first came to my mind, and this love I have for you,it’s unconditional, it’s not dependent on factor’s or circumstances, this love I have for you is divine it comes from God because I have learnt to love him first so I can truly love you,you know he’s love and when you love those you love from the source itself,that love never dies it lives on even after mortality.
My dear Adesuwa, I know its a bit selfish of me not to at least give you the liberty of deciding which name you get to answer when you come around and quite unrealistic of me to make that choice for you more than 8 years before your birth but I think ADESUWA (in the midst of prosperity) and TOVIA(God is good) would be okay for you my dear because this name literally would tell the story of my life, A young boy who faced the fierceness of life even before birth but eventually scaled through everything despite the odds to achieving his biggest dreams, and even in the midst of so much prosperity and fulfillment still realizes God is Good and has been his edge over everything since his very beginning, and when ever I see your beautiful face my dear I will be reminded of how much God never fails and how much goodness he’s endowed us with.
My baby girl, I seriously can not wait for that beautiful day I get to hold you in my arms and behold your beautiful face for the first time,I’m sure gonna cry happiness and shout out with so much gratitude to God because I have lived in the best day of my life,the day I get to welcome my first child to this world,what a day it would be,I haven’t been able to stop picturing that day but in as much as I can not wait for that day, It would be nice if you left your heaven(Mommy’s womb) and then come here to meet the heaven your daddy has built for you,
I mean you will need to enjoy the comfort of life from your day one(1),you wouldn’t have to feel pains and learn things the hard way like we did,who said life is not a bed of roses when I can easily get a very nice bed and bed it up with roses just so you can lie on it with comfort while you cheer hopefully knowing your dad has got you covered,
Your innocent skin will not have to do business with this ruthless African sun,and every time you get to walk, every inch you take would be an inch closer to fulfilment, and I know you wouldn’t need calculators or gadgets to do your sums because your academic prowess would be an amplification of your dad n Mom put together,
Yeah I know
God told me so.
My dear Tovia, I promise you will never get to feel the pain ,heartbreak and disappointments I have felt all my life,I promise you will never get to feel the fierceness of life the way I have felt it,you will get to achieve all you wish with all ease because I have settled these scores with God himself, you know,you shouldnt see life through the same eyes I saw it and if you ever feel pained It d’ be because I made you eat a plate of beans with me against your will or grandma asking you to help her with stressful meals and chores,I’m sorry she’s already kept dirty clothes waiting for you to wash them for her with your hands, she’s sure loquacious and hardworking but trust me she might be the funniest Lady you get to see so treasure every moment you will get to spend with her, and for my beans ain’t saying sorry I only hope I wouldn’t break your beautiful heart so much but I’m not sure of things more beautiful than me and you in a dinning room enjoying a meal that has given me so much joy and pleasure way before I met your Mom, I wouldn’t mind bribing you with a car key, it wouldn’t be bad if you got your first car before ten (10),
what about being a professional instrumentalists by fifteen (15)? I wasn’t privileged to learn stuffs like carpentry, photography, shoe making and Tailoring, but I promise you will be given the adequate exposure to unleash and maximize the creativity and versatility in you the way I never did.
Truth be told this life I’m promising you is not an easy one to get,but I hope you know I’m doing all my best to make sure you get it
I’m taking life seriously
I’m praying hard
I’m thinking big
I’m taking risks
I’m not going after every Lady that looks like my dream. .
My dear I’m so sure tomorrow is. Gonna be fair
Because God has guaranteed it .
And for Mommy? I’m carefully searching, watching and praying just so I can give you the best Mom in the world,
What about a God- fearing average sized scholastic lady with straight legs,beautiful face, Nice curves and with a dream like mine?
Trust your daddy
He isn’t gonna fail you on that, I promise you will get to call one of the most beautiful and smartest Lady in the world Mommy.
Yeah I’m so sure of that, just as I’m so sure about everything I have said because should thing’s ever seem to go south daddy God is sure gonna come through for us.
My dear Adesuwa, I’m not saying the first words you will get to hear would be “our father who art in heaven” but I’m sure the words you would speak would be spirit and life, I know you would be a portal through which people would access the heavenly realms because your smiles shall cause men to live the father’s will and when you pass they all shall turn to stare not because you feed their lust but because your shadow healed their sick, Adesuwa I’m sure you’re gonna live a fulfilling life and eventually get married to a god one day,and on that day I will walk With you until I hand you over to him and whisper to him on his ears that if he ever thinks about making you feel bad he should be sure to account for it seriously because you’re my world.
I just hope your Mom and siblings won’t be jealous because even on my death bed I will be all smiles because I was privileged to have been gifted an Angel to call mine and my death is sure going to be peaceful knowing all my fortunes will be in your safe hands and I will smile boldly until I tell you goodbye and close my eyes for the last time making sure your face would be the last I see on earth because you’re my everything.
My Adesuwa
Yours beloved


Chinedum Godsgift
Adesuwa Tovia
02/03 /2020


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