I Fell In Love With A Mummy’s Boy

I couldn’t believe my ears, this wasn’t the first time neither was it the twentieth time, I could recall he was doing this over and over again. This time I couldn’t take it anymore I had to spell it out.

“My mum is angry about the abortion, I told you I’ve been sick and I will get back to you as soon as I’m out of the hospital but you kept calling and texting now are you happy she has found out”!. “I’m sorry I was calling to know about your health as at that time and when I texted you the lady was already on my neck”, I said at the other end of the phone.

“You shouldn’t have called or cared, I’m going to be fine cause my mom is here with me, she has been with my phone and decided to read through our chat and then found out what you needed the money for, I had to explain things to her quietly but now wants to talk to your parents about it”.

He’s doing it again I wept bitterly in my heart, always running away from responsibilities and always pleasing his mom, out of anger and hurt I blurted out” I’m fed up Mark, I’m really am, you want my parents number here I just texted it to you but you see that money you have to pay and I won’t hesitate to tell my parents I want to get married to you and if you refused I have no other choice but to take you to court and press you for charges of irresponsibility, emotional trauma and physical damages and you know what that means, you have to pay more so better do the needful and stop acting like a Mummy’s Boy” I hung up on him.

Gosh!! Did I make a mistake of loving Mark? Why can’t he be a man of his own. I hate him, I cried out!! But I hate myself more for loving a Mummy’s Boy!!!


Iwemjiwe Rachel

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