Happy Couples: what it entails

What’s your decision as a couple. I have heard several persons talk about building their life together, getting involved, improving yourselves. It’s a wonderful idea. Its one thing to think about it and another to act on it. Loving the man or lady is not the big deal sweetheart!

I am excited that you both want to progress as couples. Enjoy your time together but there are so many things as anniversary goes by to talk about. The deep question is

*WHAT DO YOU TALK ABOUT IN THE RELATIONSHIP* Its a deep question to answer but do not skip this part of the article. Ask yourselves what deep things have you talked about. Are you sure that you have said everything that needs to be said.

I am not talking to scare you but deep down, you should know what there is to talk about. Also PRAY! It’s something that you should do to strengthen your balance. Relationships are not easy so you need help.

Do you have a mentor. Sounds foreign but it’s the best. Do have someone a mentor for your relationship. Have a nice year ahead Couples!!


Fego Emagun

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