Tips you should know when planning your wedding! _ for a Nigerian there’s so much to learn on it.

Good day readers today I will be dwelling on a short yet precise topic. Planning before your wedding day. There are tips before you should know that big day would play out here are some tips.

First thing you should know is that if you are a Niger’s your parents would be like gingering you to do a lot of things and might even want to plan your wedding for you. Yea that can be really annoying tho because you might have hired a wedding planner or you want to see through everything. What do you do it’s either two ways you put them at the center of the planning or you put your foot down on something’s its your day so do as you feel.

Second tip is always don’t get worked up over the food. It would always not be enough. Don’t stress yourself over it. Free your mind, make your dish and allow who is allocated to food service take care of it and sit back and relax yourself. Stressing up would give you high blood pressure, so live long for your spouse.

Thirdly, do not over spend beyond your budget. That is the budget you plan, you can’t finish wedding and the next six months you are paying off depth of money you borrowed! Yea you can save towards your wedding it’s a smart move dear. Weddings are expenses but some are really not necessary. So your budget remember!

Your make up trials. OK this is for ladies don’t over spend for this things it’s not really necessary oh! Honestly after the wedding you’ll eat abi. Please there’s still so much to do and build the home with ok.


Fego Emagun

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