The fantasy wedding? _ Open your eyes!

The aisle- walking down with that special someone. Everyone has that dream of being with the love of his/her life. (Chuckles) yea the special moment you feel so alive. As the bride and all eyes are on you, you feel like a queen. Its good to fantasize tho but think about the reality on that day.

Apart from living in your fantasy also note there are some realities to living in the present. Before that big day put so many things in place weddings are quite stressful. Learn to see that even if you have a wedding planner you still get to place the things how it should be.


In planning let’s learn to see that that is just a day. You have the money spend it and make it worth while but don’t spend to the point that you cannot pay. I have friends who shared experiences of planning their own wedding and some had to pay even after the wedding.

So what’s my point, spend wisely, don’t borrow! Live happily! Smile Dearie’s. Cheerios.


Fego Emagun

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