Skeletons in the cupboard? – you ever had deep secrets

Have you ever had secrets that you think you can never tell the love of your life? Well, there are some dark skeletons in your cupboard you feel cannot just come out. Today is a very special topic I would like to share who you today so sit back as I share with you a story.

Time back, I met a Lady we’ll call her +Her OK? So when she was much younger and as well all know not yet that wise met a handsome lady while in university. She thought he was her world and all that. Yeah times we feel at that moment giving him your body was the love love you could give.

Well, she actually gave her self to him and one day few go’s with him, she started feeling funny on seeing the doctor, he tells Her that she was two weeks pregnant! Oh my gosh. Decision has been made she had a child and he definitely denied because he was a studied trying to find his way.

Years later, she mets a guy. After few encounter she finds out she loves him and its really mutual. But she can’t just tell him or find the strength that she made a crazy mistake years back…

OK! Now some of us have similar stories or other crazy mistake that you made. Sweetheart, you just have summon up courage. It’s not like its easy but think about he/she deserves to know the truth. They love you and one you should know yeah oh yeah they’ll be angry but if they love you and care about you both of you will scale pass it. Enjoy your day folks!


Fego Emagun

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