12 kisses to keep that relationship alive._ tips for interesting kisses

12 kisses to keep the relationship at live.

Have you ever had a kiss and tell experience? Wow today I will be sharing 12 types of kisses to light up your relationship! In this article we’ll deal with twelve kisses to spice up your passionate love, lol try it with your partner you’ll love OK let’s dive right in.

First kiss is the facetime kiss! OK its more like your bae/boo is outta the house and you miss him or her. Video calling them would feel real got to both of you. Gosh its actually funny to do and you will find out it lightens up your mood.

Second kiss is the good morning kiss. Yea you are just waking up from bed and the first thing you do is kiss yourself. Gross no brushing of teeth! Lol but its fun by the way. Enjoy your good morning breathe!

Thirdly friendly kiss. Lol its really mutual plus your partner should be your friend. Yea so give him/her that nice kiss on the lips. Lol this is nice.

Fourth kiss I just made my money kiss. Lol your bae/boo just made some cash and well is pretty excited about the whole idea give them that kiss gosh collect and help them count

Fifth kiss French kiss. Yea this involves a lot of tongue lashing. Whoa yea she/he will love it and its so enticing when the tongue is moving really well.

Six kiss Popeye kiss. In the gym and boo/bae is having a hard time lifting those weights. Lol give them that extra boost to quicken them up.

Seventh kiss 100kisses. Yeah badass that kiss you all over your face,nose, neck body.

Yeah its quite exciting tho it makes you laugh and keeps your partner giggling as well.

Eight kiss is the good bye kiss. Awwwwn so nice you both want to say your good byes and awww don’t get too emotional give them that kiss!

Nine kiss dodge kiss. Lol maybe you’re cleaning and they run over to give you that kiss dodge it and kiss. Lol

Ten kiss emergency kiss. Yea kissing emergency kiss you guys are driving and they just want to kiss park oh and kiss.

Eleventh kiss acrobatic kiss. Lol you’re flexible or not do that crazy kiss do something acrobatic.

Twelfth kiss stress kiss. If your love is going through stress at work. Kiss them to cool their nerves down

One special tip as well you could send the I am horny kiss. Lol enjoy your day! Cheerios!


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