Love, does it hurt? Questions on so many minds.

Good day readers, before us is a really interesting topic especially for new couples who just started out. Well let’s dig right into it then shall we. I’ll talk little about experiences from people. So many meet and be like wow I admire him/her they are my soulmate and suddenly hurt when burn their fingers.

Yes! Love hurts, it gets your fingers. It gets easier with every piece tho but its the only thing that hurts you that bad especially because you deeply love the person.


No! You should actually love and do stuff to keep that person and what makes you happy. But don’t say because of love you settled for less!

Love, should be mutual, deserving, committing and if the other party doesn’t see to it pack up your stuff sweetheart don’t burn your fingers. Its not like people don’t find love or it’s not easy to see that special someone you would want to share your life with. Its possible to locate your soul mate.

Deviating! Lol love hurts but try your best to put your heart into making things work out for you. Love you! Shallom!


Fego Emagun

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