Is Love Enough? – tips to know if it is.

Today I’ll be sharing little tips to answer that big question. This is really a big question that people who want to step up their relationship from what ever level they are. Its going to be a huge step folks but I encourage you to do it because if you don’t want to progress you shouldn’t have embarked on it in the first place!

“Is love truly enough…”

I know this will be so many hearts quoting this right now, but hey keep reading….

The first thing to know is you have good in you, you might have had a rough childhood, someone molested or even has his or her way with you, messed up your head, made you feel you weren’t good enough but deep down hey you are good. And you deserve love.

The love I am referring to is both emotional, body, soul spirit the whole box! It exist and on top of all that you deserve the world as a man or woman you deserve the best! That been said and established lets move on LOL!

There comes a time when all the butterflies, tissue feelings, body chemical reactions go away and all that’s left is you both making things work out for you. At this point you know what both of you like an you just do it. I recommend you download or buy the book by Garry Chapman “Things I knew before I got married” and “five love languages”. This I’d say is the point both of you love would carry you far.

Whatever it is you are facing if you can get pass this stage of you both getting at your necks, gosh you can survive anything trust me. And this looks like the longest stage in a relationship. Asking if love is enough is like saying if Agape is enough. Yea I said it.

Learn to see each other plainly, your backgrounds, ethnicity, colour, whatever see past that and love enough. Get over your comfort zone make it work! Yea like heck love after going through all that you deserve more.

Hope you enjoyed that please drop comments. Love you shallom!


Fego Emagun

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