First time? What you should know about it…

Your first time? It really shouldn’t be that bad. Yea I said it. I am talking about coming out from being celibate and you feel this person is the right person to deflower you.

It has been a long time coming you know. Some people loose it early and some don’t. Some just don’t find the right person yet others are forced…we won’t get to that part ok??? Its not a funny thing to experience.

The first time is always awkward at first you need to calm down. Think, its your special someone, dress nicely, wear good perfume and possible killer makeup. Yea you both would hard to get real comfortable. I won’t fail to say it that there are some celibate guys as well and you have found the right girl just go ahead. Both of you deserve the world. The stars and everything else good the world has to offer. Go for it!


Fego Emagun

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