Why do you need a joint-account: and what are the hitches about it?

Do you need joint-account? – the answer would soon be revealed

Well that’s a lovely question and afterwards well drop few questions and I want to see your post it is necessary so that we flow along.

Last week I heard a soon to be couple planning out their future. Ummm it’s not like I want eavesdropping tho but let’s leave it like that not that important OK! Moving on!

OK let me not start like that! So many couples have that discussion once in a while. Especially courting couples it’s this important to make the bold step to ask one another what would work for the both of you.

What is a joint account? Well its an account were two or more persons pull resources together to balance themselves. Its a good idea don’t you think but let’s not be so fast about it.

Yes it’s love and all that but there are few issues you would want to see in this kind of account.
Firstly, this kind of account if you were operating must be open to one another and keep to your end of the rope otherwise it won’t work. Why? Because if you are operating fully you must put in all income and expenditure plainly before one another.

Secondly, it could bring argument who is to withdraw and who has more pressing issues. One of you would have to suppress your need and attend to the pressing need at that point

Lastly, one person would feel left out who will carry the ATM? Oh you haven’t thought about that. That’s love for you but let’s be wise.

I am not saying don’t pull resources or have a joint account, my candid advice have a joint account

But also a personal account current and savings both of you. Let peace and tranquillity reign. Love you all shallom!


Fego Emagun

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