Must you spend in a relationship? – what happens if you don’t!

Why is it necessary to spend in a relationship?

This kind of question sounds awkward right? I have been around people who do not spend on their partner which is weird????! Apart from you are not financially boyant common a simple gift to one another just for the show of affection.

People come with the excuse of no money but what about little gifts like chocolate, nice dresses, perfume, wrist watch ok that’s a lady’s wears for the men perfume, collar shirt, wristwatch, wrist or neck chain, belt. Send your love airtime as little as those things.

I talked with someone time back, he has never recharged his bae’s phone or bought one gift for her. It’s not until your married you do those things but start like right now. The funny thing about life is if your partner is stingy now in marriage he’ll be stingy it’s just facts about life.

I am not breaking relationships but it’s just truths and habits you need to learn and build. Learn to be sweet, they don’t have to say baby you shouldn’t have for you to do stuff for them. Learn it, live it, love it. Its a good character start building.

Try and smile too, do some crazy stuff, go to a shop get him or her fancy dress or shirt. Pluck flowers, buy chocolate, see a movie don’t be a couch potato all the time. Its time to be sweet


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