How important is savings in a relationship; the truth

Wonderful audience…yea this question has been on my mind for a long time is it really necessary to save in a relationship. Well the answer is its DAMN IMPORTANT! being in a relationship doesn’t stop you from breathing and definitely should stop your saving habit.

This goes to both genders if you’re planning to get hitched please what better time to save it’s really important and in the relationship it should be discussed how you both would spend your money. Yes! As long as you see the future savings is for rainy days. As a couple save, individual save.

Advice is if you don’t have that habit develop it now it’s a good habit. In fact bring up the idea your partner would look at you differently. Makes you look mature and stable. And it gives you that air of charisma.

Try save today… savings doesn’t make you poor, stingy or what not. (Smiles) literally it’s the other way around. Like I said it makes your partner look at you differently actually. You save for different reasons actually, be it target savings, or investment or locking away money somewhere however if you feel this topic has touched you. Feel free to drop a comment. Love my audience! Peace out! (Giggles)


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