Is S*x Love?

Is s*x really love? Singles, dating or courting couples usually ask this question. Going down there sharing passion and intimacy obviously should be love right. Singles do wish to have it with someone of like minds, goals which they aspire to get. I have talked to couples and I have been opportune to chat with a lady who’s had it all out but he constantly beats her. He gets jealous over every thing.

” she said that yea they actually go down together but he still beats her blue black “

I told her but that’s not the life to live. She claims to love him despite the beatings and all that. Come on love is not sx its commitment! Genuine commitment to each other. Love is more than sx.

Yes! You heard me. I can’t but talk about commitment. People say yes it is but if s*x is all this night workers would have been falling in love with the men each night. Now don’t get offended its a nice act, part of you being all out to be intimate. But tagging it as

“If you love me why his your body. If you love me you should gimme S*x”

So folks, love right and be committed to your relationship. S*x is not love and love is not sex. Have a blissful week ahead. Yes please drop your comments


Fego Emagun

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