Heart Breaks’!

Do you remember your last heartbreak. Gosh how you had to cry every night and eat your favorite, see a movie or just do stuff to get your mind off it. Its painful to talk about it and few of us can drop comments below I need to read your thoughts on this issue.

I have talked with persons and how they survived it. Its not easy letting go and moving on I know but you have to do it. Leaving someone you shared a bed with, secrets with and so much more is hard forgetting but come on life goes on dear. We must survive…

So here’s my thought if you think leaving is the best idea but it would break your heart do it. Get over it and let it go. Don’t even think of ending your own life come on there are people out there who still thinks you’re smart, funny, good kisser and so on chin up you have good qualities.

Never for once think little about yourself. Do not take it lightly who belittles you, stand up and push forward. They left because someone best is coming. Please drop your comments and tell me your experience.


Fego Emagun

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