Tips On Your First French Kiss

This is an interesting topic you will love it I hope after this you’ll have a nice experience for your first time French Kiss.

There is so much to expect on your first French Kiss. Yeah it’s exciting actually and also there are few things you need to learn before embarking on this kissing journey! (Laughs) it is fun but if you don’t do it well it could get uncomfortable.

Step 1

  • you need to be in a comfortable area with your partner. You both can decide to go on a date, or anywhere actually that is comfortable for both of you. If its not comfortable you cannot enjoy the kiss.

Step 2

  • start with a slow Kiss before increasing the pace. It’s that important. N.B tilt your head to the side to avoid colliding.

Step 3

  • introduce the tip of your tongue slowly. Tease your partner with it before giving full tongue.
  • Step 5 – you increase the pace for pleasure
  • Step 6 – end the kiss with a normal kiss slowly.

Yeah so that’s about it. Follow this steps carefully, also note not to pour spit in your partners mouth. Yuck! It can be so uncomfortable.

Enjoy your weekend!


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