Should I Or should I Not

New couples or rather before they meet to discuss there’s always this thing of sex, if it would be included or not. Yes, many a times this subject makes one wonder especially the female gender. It is no fun topic because it causes arguments between the two love birds.

OK I know that the males will say I am being partial. My point is according to the female gender they take more time to decide if she should go down this road with that partner. And even if you disagree deep within you as a man when you bring up this topic you know the lady might hesitate. We must know that this is not some rocket science.

Here’s my advice to both gender’s, agree to disagree. Always know what will work for both of you. I read a book once on things I knew before I got married by Garry Chapman. He said

“Always look at both sides and know what perfectly fits your situation”

Yeah! But also do not be selfish, the other partner has a reason for his or her saying no. Sex is not love. Yeah you read right! It’s not love. Remember that and neither am I saying don’t do it.

All I am driving at is put yourself in each others lovely shoes and then decide. So before you two talk about love making decide it well.


Fego Emagun

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