She Doesn’t Want Me To Give Her A Head Again – Boyfriend Cries

So I stumbled across a post yesterday about a guy who was lamenting about his girlfriend not giving him the permission for giving her a head and wanted to share it on this platform.

Sex today for people in relationships is a lot more than the actual method of penetration. The kind of things and sexual activities performed on each other and together is heavily based on the relationship between the two of them. 

For people who are having casual sex, they may not be open to some certain things and for those who are dating, the options may be more. However, it may not be as much as it would be if the two are married.

Oral sex is deemed one of the most crucial and important forms of sex for most couples. They believe that doing that shows that you love the person completely and are ready to go all in. At the same time, it feels likes there is a problem with you down there if you won’t let someone go down on you.

A man has raised an alarm on Joros page, where he complained about his girl not allowing him to give her head.

See the post below.

So we ask the question of whether this is a deal-breaker or what exactly it means.

Help him out with your suggestions on the matter.


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