Can You Sleep With Your Husband’s Boss To Secure His Job – Final Episode

I thought so hard about what Dami said, she was right though, I had to do something about it.

I decided to meet with Mike the next day, Mike is Chris’s boss and we go way back during my school days. Mike was known to be a pervert during those days and I never gave him a chance to have his way with me then.

I got to know he was Chris’s boss at a dinner party organized by his company and we spoke but it seemed like he was a changed person, ” I could plead with Mike to keep Chris position” Dami advised.

I went to the office the next day and I requested to meet with him and I was granted access to his office. “Well, well look who is here, cocky Mrs Chris” he laughed, I tried to keep calm, I smiled and said “been a while Mike, five years, I think”, he smiled mischievously.

I became irritated but kept my cool I was about to spill the beans before he cut me shut.

“I know why you are here Barb” jeez I hated that name especially the way he calls it in a lusty tone. “Chris has been shortlisted and you are here to plead, I will grant you what you seek for on one condition.

My heart skipped two beats when he told me to honor his one night stand, I hadn’t recovered from it when he told me he purposely put Chris up for shortlisting cause he knew I would come begging and I have two days to respond or loose all I have

What should I do.


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