Can You Sleep With Your Husband’s Boss To Secure His Job – Episode 2

I woke up the next day I couldn’t find Chris, I guess he must have gone to work. I’m sure he didn’t eat breakfast before leaving, I checked the time it was past 7am, shoot!! I woke up late I rushed down to the children’s rooms I couldn’t find them in their rooms.

I went downstairs to meet them eating fried noodles and egg, Tryphosa had made the breakfast for them. My first daughter is really a God’s sent to me. I had to drive pretty fast to get them to school before 8am.

I dropped them off and headed straight to my best friend’s house for advice. I got to Dami’s place and told her I needed help, curiousity held the better part of Dami cause I was quiet for too long and fresh tears strolled down my cheeks.

“What’s wrong with you B”, she asked feeling concerned, “we are going to loose all we have soon Dami” I said with a croaky voice. “How” she asked “last night Chris came home drunk, the stench of alcohol was heavy, I supposed he has been drinking all day, I took him to the bedroom and he slept off and I took off his clothes with the intention of washing it in the night and a brown envelope fell from his pocket and I picked it up and read it”

“Ehen you read it and what happened” she was getting more curious, ” it was a company letter that entailed a list of workers shortlisted for being fired and Chris was among them”

She shouted, “but why” I couldn’t answer. Chris just got this job late last year and things just started looking up for the family and now it wants to crumble I just couldn’t let everything go down like that.

“I have a suggestion” Dami said


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