Can You Sleep With Your Husband’s Boss To Secure His Job – Episode 1

Chris came home drunk last night, stenched with alcohol, something wasn’t right, I could tell, Chris doesn’t drink at least not to stupor.

I had to help him upstairs, took off his clothes, I watched him drift into sleep, still thinking what would have made him this upset, I took his clothes into the laundry room just as I was about dropping it into the washing machine it fell.

What was that? I was curious, it was an envelope, a brown envelope, I opened it ,” what could it be” I asked myself and I read it, tears clouded my eyes, I could feel it dropping off my eyes, the saltiness, the warmth on my cheeks, I felt weak , my knees became too heavy for me, I fell.

I was lost, I could feel my own shadow leaving me, I walked down the hallway thinking, frustrated, I now understand why Chris drank to stupor, I felt his pain, I was sorry for him, but I felt more sorry for the family. I couldn’t find sleep , I tossed, turned but couldn’t find sleep. I had to do something, I can’t watch him in this pain. But the question was what would I do.


Iwemjiwe Rachel

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