Silent Screams-Sequence 8

Daniel pulled up in front of the Kalufyanya’s Mansion he stopped his car and stepped out then he walked to the gate, when he knocked at the gate, a security guard name Ronald came to answer.
‘Ati bwanji bosses!’
‘Bwino bwino, baliko bamudala?’
‘Eh. Come in,’ he stepped aside to allow him in.
Ronald led him through the house to the living and he took his seat.
‘I will call him for you.’

As he waited, Daniel removed his phone from his pocket and started texting.
‘Hello Daniel.’
He looked up at Mr. Kalufyanya the man had not aged a day since the last time they had met.
‘Hello,’ he stood up and offered his hand in greeting, they shook hands then both men sat down.
‘Can I get you anything to drink?’
‘No I am okay, besides I won’t be staying for long I need to get to work.’
‘So then let’s get straight to business, what brings you here after a long time?’

Daniel took in a deep breath and let it out slowly to try and relax as much as possible, this man scared him a lot.
‘It’s my daughter Leila.’
Mr. Kalufyanya smiled at the mention of Leila’s name, ‘What is wrong with our wife?’
‘She has been experiencing some terrible nightmares and it seems she is seeing strange things.’
He laughed, ‘It’s almost time, my son is restless he can’t wait to be with his wife.’
‘Oh is that so?’
‘Yes & I hope you have started grooming our wife for marriage.’
He smiled, ‘we are doing all we can sir those these strange occurrences are starting to get to her.’
‘When it’s time all shall be revealed unto her but for now let her remain in the dark.’

‘Since that is cleared, I think I will be on my way,’ Daniel stood up.
‘Pass my regards to our in law and please let her avoid dating so we don’t lose any more lives.’
Daniel gave the old man a puzzled look, ‘I don’t understand.’
‘Oh Daniel keep your eyes on the ground so you don’t miss what’s happening. You have eyes but you can’t see.’
‘Is there anything I need to know?’
‘Your daughter has been seeing someone and as we speak that young man is battling for his life, I doubt he will make it he is as good as dead. The only good thing about all this is that Leila is still pure she did not give herself to him.’

‘Fuck,’ Daniel sat back down.
‘You know what’s at stake if your daughter misbehaves, my son has been lenient this time around but the next time this repeats itself………,’
‘It won’t get that far, I will handle Leila,’ Daniel cut him short.
‘Good,’ he smiled, ‘now let me get you a drink before you leave.

Audrey was standing beside her brother’s hospital bed, her eyes were red and swollen she had cried the whole night, her brother was fading right in front of her eyes and she couldn’t do anything to save him.
She looked around the ward, they were patients lined up on beds in neat rows most of them were hooked to life support the room was quiet silent- the only noise she could hear was that from the electronic beeping.
‘Lord please don’t let him die, he is all I have got,’ she sniffed
All of a sudden, Owen let out a low moan and he opened his eyes he stared at Audrey but didn’t say a word.

‘Owen,’ she gasped
Then she hurried out of the room and called for the Doctor, ‘My brother, he just opened his eyes,’ she said breathlessly.
Owen’s eyes were still open and looking through the doorway when they rushed back into the room.
‘What’s happening to him?’
‘Please wait outside while we attend to your brother,’ the nurse pushed Audrey out the door.
Audrey couldn’t keep still she paced back and forth her heart beat rapidly, she silently prayed for a miracle.
A while later, the doctor walked out of the room.
‘Doctor how is he doing?’ she asked almost immediately
The doctor shook her head, ‘I am sorry Audrey we lost him.’
For a moment Audrey’s heart stopped, she was frozen by what the doctor said.
‘You can’t be serious,’ she trembled
‘I am sorry for your loss.’
She ran back into the room, her tears being to well as she stared at her brother’s lifeless body. ‘Owen you should have fought hard, Owen how am I supposed to live life without you, Owen please wake up,’ she shook him
‘Kosa mummy, kosa,’ the nurse comforted her.
She shot the nurse an ugly look and shook her head.

After a few minutes she left the room and went to sign the necessary documents.
‘Once again, I am sorry for your loss take heart,’ the doctor said
‘Thank you,’ she wiped her tears with the palm of her hand and walked out.
She went straight to the car park, stepped into her car and drove out. Instead of driving home, she drove straight to Leila’s place of work.

Leila tried Owen’s number for what seemed like the hundredth time that day but she got the same response she had this unsettling feeling at the pit of her stomach, this feeling terrified her, she hoped Owen was doing fine.
She jumped back as a loud knock came to the door, ‘Teacher Leila you have a visitor,’ one of her students Rachael called out to her.
She cleared her throat, ‘Alright hun,’
She had looked herself up in the stuff room while the kids had their break. She stood up and walked out hoping to see her best friend only to find it was Audrey.

‘Hey Audrey,’ she said warmly ‘Are you okay?’ she asked
Leila could see something was wrong with Audrey, she looked a mess.
Tears quickly spilled from Audrey’s eyes as she stared at the woman responsible for her brother’s death.
‘Audrey what’s going on? Are you okay?’ Leila worriedly asked
‘How do you expect me to be okay when you have taken from me the only thing that made my life sane?’
‘What are you talking about?’
‘Owen is dead?’ her voice broke, ‘You killed my brother Leila.’
‘Owen is dead?’ Leila gasped in surprise
‘You fucking killed my brother.’
‘Audrey I don’t understand, what are you saying? Owen can’t be dead.’
‘He is dead you and your fucking boyfriend killed him.’
‘I love Owen I would never cheat on him all this was a misunderstanding.’
‘You loved him?’ she asked as a wave of rage flooded through her and without thinking twice she pounced on Leila and began to hit her on the face.
‘What’s all this commotion?’ the other teachers rushed out and pulled Audrey away from Leila.
‘I will kill her like she killed my brother,’ Audrey yelled
Leila was astonished she was too weak to respond to Audrey.
‘Please madam you have to leave,’ one of the teachers said to Audrey.

Audrey spat on the floor, ‘You haven’t heard the last of me,’ and with that said she marched out of the room.
To be continued…


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