Silent Screams-Sequence 6

She suddenly sat bolt upright in bed & screamed so loud that it woke everyone and they rushed to her room. Her mother flipped on the lights & rushed over to her. Leila was shrieking on top of her voice with tears rushing down her face, her mother took her in her arms & rocked her back and forth in an attempt to calm her.

‘What is it Leila?’ Her mother asked, sincere concern filled in her voice she could feel Leila’s heart beating so fast and loud.
Leila was too shaken to talk & deep down she was too scared to tell her parents about what had just happened to her because she knew they wouldn’t believe her, she could still feel a little bit of pain on her thigh, what happened to her was no accident, there was something hunting her, she had to find out who and why.

Her father yawned loudly, ‘Leila what was all the screaming about? I hope you didn’t wake us up just to play games with us.’
‘Daniel, how could you be this insensitive can’t you see how shaken up she is?’

He chuckled, ‘We both know she can be a drama queen. This could all be an act.’
Jada gave her father an evil eye unable to believe he had just said that, couldn’t he see the fear in Leila’s eyes? Leila was too shaken up to make all this up.

‘Let me get her some water,’ Jada said and left the room.
She came back later and handed her the water, Leila grabbed the glass of water from her sister and gulped it down eagerly she began to calm down after a few moments.

‘What happened?’ Her mother asked again.
‘There was someone in this room,’ her voice cracked in her throat.
Her father laughed, ‘Try something better.’
‘Dad!’ Jada yelled
‘I think this is my queue to get back to bed, I have no time for all this,’ he walked out and slammed the door behind him.

‘Don’t mind him,’ Jada said.
‘Mum I swear I am not making all this up, he was here and he was touching me.’
‘Who is he?’
‘I don’t know but I feel like someone keeps following me and hunting me.’
‘Hun, maybe you are just imagining things.’
‘That’s the problem with you. You never believe what I say you are just like dad.’
‘Leila, baby!’
‘No don’t touch me, you know what just go back to bed let me deal with this on my own.’
‘Maybe you should see a psychiatrist & ……….,’ she began talking but Leila cut her short.
‘You think I am mad?’ she asked eyes wide open.
‘No, talking to a professional might help, maybe all these things happening can be clinically explained.’

Leila breathed a sigh, ‘I think I need to get back to sleep please leave me alone.’
‘Leave mum!’’ she snapped.
‘Fine,’ her mother turned to leave, she gave Leila one last glance before walking out of her room.
‘What are you still doing here?’ She asked Jada
‘I will sleep here, I want to watch over you I swear I won’t ask a question neither will I suggest anything silly.’
Leila smiled, ‘Then you are free to spend a night here.’

‘That was uncalled for,’ Abby said as she got back into bed with her husband.
‘This is bound to happen.’
‘Why have the nightmares become so frequent?’
‘Your daughter might have done something to offend Ngozi.’
‘What? You think she had sex?’
‘No I doubt she had sex maybe she has a boyfriend.’
‘Don’t you think I would have known?’
‘That girl is secretive trust me you wouldn’t know if she had a boyfriend.’
‘So how do we deal with this?’
‘I will go over to the Kalufyanya’s tomorrow they will be able to give us some answers.’
‘Alright hun,’ she yawned silently.
‘Please get some rest,’ he leaned over and kissed her, ‘goodnight.’

Jada lay silent for a while before she spoke, ‘Tell me about the nightmares,’ she said
‘I thought you said you wouldn’t ask questions.’
‘Leila I want to help you but before I do that you need to open up to me.’
Leila closed her eyes as flashes of the dream came back to her, the man in the black cloak, Owen, the weird laughter plus what she had experienced in her room. She shook her head to clear those horrible images.

‘Talk to me,’ her sister held her hand.
‘I have been having these strange dreams for years now, at some point they had completely gone but now they are back and they seem so real.’
‘What are they about?’
‘A strange man whose face I haven’t been able to see but tonight was so different, this man he strangled Owen to death.’
‘Couldn’t you reach out to him in the dream?’

‘I woke up before I could do that and when I did wake up I couldn’t move, neither could I scream and then my door opened and closed on its own, I felt a strange presence in my room, someone was here I could feel his hands on me. Then there was this sharp pain on my thigh before I managed to wake up.’

‘This is all so strange.’
‘Yes it is, I have been hearing voices as well. What if I am going crazy, what if mum was right and I need to see a psychiatrist?’ Fear rose in her voice.
‘Leila you are not mad but I fear if you don’t find a solution soon, you might actually end up going mad for real.’
‘What should I do?’

‘I know a traditional healer that could be able to help you.’
‘You do?’
‘Yes I do, I will make an appointment for us.’
‘As long as he is able to help me get rid of these dreams then I am game.’
‘Great, aren’t you going to call Owen?’
‘oh ya.’

She got her phone and dialed his line but it took her straight to voicemail.
‘It’s off, I guess I will have to call him the morning.’
‘Sure thing.’
‘Good night.’
‘Good night sis.’
Jada instantly drifted off to sleep. Leila lay there for a long while before she was able to fall asleep again.
To be continued…


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