Things To Know About Having A Sugar Daddy

No, I don’t have daddy issues!

Older men. I, for one, love older men There’s something about a man who has seen this world longer than you that is just so attractive. You know, like his ID starts with a two instead of a three. Sigh Don’t confuse it with a sponsor, please, I have one grandfather, I don’t need another. But it isn’t about me, this is a guide for you ladies out there who are interested in dating an older guy but you don’t know where to start:Be yourself

There’s no need to change who you are and try to seem more mature. He liked you for you. He likes how you spread a tonne of butter on bread and how hard liquor makes you queasy. He likes all of that because it’s you. Now stop stressing yourself.

1.He will come with baggage

He has been around for quite some time, so it’s normal that he’ll come with some baggage, who doesn’t! His baggage could be a crazy baby mama and a 10-year-old child who’ll forever tell you that their mummy is prettier. If he is willing to put in the work and accept your baggage, accept his.

2.He’s not scolding you

At times you tend to feel like they’re scolding you. They behave more like a dad instead of daddy(if you know what I mean) but generally they’re just trying to help. What I usually do with my man is ask him if he’s advising or lecturing me, this tends to bring the conversation into perspective. Always know he means well, give him some time.

3.New trends confuse him

Don’t blame him if he isn’t up-to-date with the latest trends. They aren’t really things that associate with him. You on the other can get excited all you want sweetie and I’m sure he’ll be more than glad to hear you blubber on constantly about what trend you saw on Twitter.He is well versed
He comes with all sorts of skills; he can fix almost anything. And let’s not even begin discussing his bedroom skills. With age comes expertise that’s for sure, so don’t be shocked when he does something that leaves you wondering if the world is really rotating.

4.He will communicate, well try to

He has learnt over the years how to communicate with a lady. Mostly through trial and error, but he knows how to navigate the streams of communication. He understands that sometimes silence is communication, he can pick up on a change in tone when you talk, he can read your body language. He can do that, he pays attention. Also, don’t be scared to bring up a topic that has been bugging you for quite a bit, he will listen and understand where you are coming from.

5.He texts slower than your grandma

It’s no secret, relationships in 2019 are sustained by text messages. A good morning text does a lot of good.

Texts through the day are usually appreciated but when texting isn’t his thing, you might be a bit annoyed.

Try your best to not get irritated with him if he doesn’t text you back immediately. Majority of older guys prefer calling you. Which is sweet too…super sweet.

6.Menstruation and PMS doesn’t freak him out

He is actually well prepared for when the red-eyed monster makes an appearance. Don’t be afraid to tell him that the Red Sea is about to flow and it’s going to sweep everyone with it (including your senses). Don’t be shocked if he asks what brand of products you like as well as your favourite period-snacks. He also comes with back massage tricks that soothe those pesky cramps.

That’s just but a few tips and tricks when dating an older man. They are actually more patient, trust me, I know. Very little annoys them and their intentions with you are always clear from the beginning. I’m sorry age mates, these older men are doing the damn thing. And we are here for it.


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