Can One Really Get Tired Of Sex

Can you remember the first time your boyfriend saw you naked?? Gosh the adreline you both had was crazy right? The sex was mad , hold on a bit.

What about the second time he saw you naked. He was so crazy about you that you forgot to lock the door. Hahahaha who would ever forget to lock the door but I did.

Talk about the boners?? The boners were too much, in the library, in the car, even the thought of your name causes a boner. Crazy sex all the time.

So the last question, when was the last time your boyfriend saw you naked, the mention of pregnancy and marriage sure did change everything. But naaaaa you both still had sex during pregnancy, hilarious right?

From one kid to two kids and then three kids then work here and here, responsibilities, bills to pay and boom you guys can’t remember the last time you had sex.

In a bid to refuel your sex life you guys decide to watch porn but nope it just doesn’t work. Can you really say you both are tired of sex or the vibe isn’t there

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Iwemjiwe Rachel

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