Recipe ForA long Lasting Relationship

Many couples out there would testify to the fact that it’s way easier to get into a relationship but completely different when it comes to maintaining these relationships and ensuring that it lasts as long as possible.
Lots of factors contribute to the longevity of one’s relationship and one of these factors include


No one wants to be in a relationship with a lying partner. No one would want to be given the fool’s treatment. So honesty is really important in both starting and maintaining a good relationship.


Another factor is Understanding, it’s one thing to know someone but a completely different thing to understand the person.
It takes only understanding to know what your partner wants at certain times, even up to the extent of completing their statements and knowing their reactions to certain things without them making a single move.


This is another factor that ensures that your relationship doesn’t come to a screeching halt. Have in mind that when trust is broken, it’s really hard to get back, but we’re humans and we can at times do certain things to break out partners trust, but we must do everything possible to gain that trust back, though it is not gained easily therefore one must exercise patience


Patience and tolerance go hand in hand. One must be patient with his/her partner no matter what because we’re all imperfect and have one flaw or another, so the only way to ensure that a relationship lasts longer is to exercise a little bit of patience with one’s partner and also tolerate certain things as not everything can be changed to suit just ourselves.


No one wants to be with a partner who careless about their problems or whereabouts or situations they find themselves in.  Everyone wants to be cared for, be it having a little bit of attention showered on you. A little check up call or even text message can go a long way in showing how much you really care for your partner. Others would include breakfast in bed, or helping with certain things that’ll really show them that you care very much.


“save the best for last”
Everyone wants to love and get loved in return, no one wants to be in a one sided relationship, so to ensure you and your partner are together for as long as forever, the love between you two must be rekindled every now and then be it by going on romantic dates,picnics,movies anything at all just as long as it reassures your partner of your undying love for them, it’s absolutely welcomed.


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