Silent Screams

Sequence 2.

Leila stepped out of the taxi and walked toward the entrance. She pushed the gate open and walked in, she knocked at the door and Audrey herself opened it.

Audrey stood at the door and looked at Leila disgustedly.
‘What the hell are you doing here?’
‘I am here for Owen, is he home?’
‘I thought I made it clear on the phone that I want you to stay away from my brother.’

‘You have no right to tell me to stay away from Owen.’
She laughed, ‘Oh really now?’
‘Yes let Owen himself tell me to stay away from him maybe then I will consider staying away.’
‘You can’t see my brother,’ she slammed the door in her face.
Leila was dumbstruck she looked up at the door for few minutes trying to figure out why Audrey was treating her this way.

‘Something is wrong somewhere,’ she thought to herself before she decided to knock again, she wasn’t going back home without getting answers.
‘Open this door and face me Owen,’ she screamed and pounded the door with her fists.
The door creaked open after a few minutes, ‘What is wrong with you?’ Audrey angrily asked
‘I have to see Owen.’
‘He doesn’t want to see you.’
‘Please allow me to see him and if he says he doesn’t want to see me, I will never come here again, please Audrey.’

Audrey didn’t respond she remained silent as she stared at Leila.
‘Please,’ Leila pleaded.
After a long pause, Audrey sighed and stepped aside to let Leila in.
‘Thank you.’
Audrey followed Leila as she walked straight to Owen’s room. Once upon a time, she had loved Leila but now she was disgusted by her mare presence.

Leila tapped on his door and walked in, Owen was lying on his bed covered with a blue blanket, she couldn’t see his face because it was buried in a pillow and he was facing the other side of the bed.
Leila cleared her throat to make her presence known, Owen turned and looked at her, a pained expression on his face.

Her mouth dropped open, ‘Owen!’ She exclaimed. ‘What the hell happened to you?’
Owen’s face was badly battered, he looked like was on the brink of death. His eyes were very swollen he could hardly open them; there were several deep cuts and bruises all over his forehead and cheeks.
‘What happened?’ Leila asked again.
‘Chilufya happened,’ Audrey rudely answered.

‘Chilufya? Who is Chilufya?’ she asked with a confused look on her face.
Audrey rudely looked at Leila and clicked her tongue, ‘Are you going to stand here and pretend that you don’t know Chilufya?’
‘I am lost please explain what’s going on,’ she pleaded.

Owen opened his mouth to talk but he quickly closed it.
‘The man you have been fucking did this to my brother you whore. He attacked my brother and nearly killed him all because you couldn’t keep your legs closed. My brother has been faithful to you & this is how you repay him?’
‘Owen, what is she talking about?’ Leila looked at him with a hurt look in her eyes.

‘I thought you were different Leila but I was wrong,’ Owen said, his voice was shaky and it sounded as if he was crying.
‘This is all a big misunderstanding, I would never cheat on you I love you.’
‘Please leave, I never want to see you ever again.’

‘No Owen this is a huge mistake please listen to me.’
Leila could feel desperation welling up inside, she couldn’t afford to lose Owen.
‘I don’t know who Chilufya is, I would never cheat on you please believe me, I love you Owen,’ she pleaded in a chocked voice.
‘Just leave,’ he said.

‘Your time is up Leila now you can leave,’ Audrey cut her short.
‘Don’t do this to us.’
Tears were now pouring down her cheeks.
‘Good bye Leila.’
‘It’s about time,’ Audrey said before she roughly grabbed her elbow and walked her out of the house.
‘It’s all a misunderstanding Audrey don’t do this to me please,’ she begged.

Audrey pushed Leila to the ground and stomped back into the house slamming the door.
Leila wanted to believe that all this was just a bad dream, she had never been this broken before, everything inside of her ached, her heart felt shattered and the lump in her throat made it hard for her to breathe.

Back in the house pain flooded through every vein of Owen’s body. Leila’s betrayal stung in more words than one, he had given her his heart but she instead tore it apart and left him empty. She had made him believe she was pure and innocent yet she was sleeping around.
‘She is not worth crying over,’ Audrey softly said as she gently patted his back.
‘I loved her sis,’ he sniffed
‘Love hurts.’

‘But I thought she was different.’
‘Ya she managed to fool all of us with her innocent face, you will get through this.’
But Owen wondered if he would ever get over Leila.
‘I feel very tired,’ he yawned
‘I am sure it’s the medicine you need to rest.’

‘I think I will do just that.’
‘Alright, call me when you need anything, I will be in my room.’
After his sister walked out of the room, he closed his eyes so he could go back to sleep. He was drifting to sleep when his room suddenly became dark and he saw it a dark shadowy figure standing right next to his bed, the dark figure was wrapped in a black cloak that covered most of his face.

Overwhelmed by fear, Owen tried to scream but he had no voice & no matter how much he tried to get up his body wouldn’t move. Then suddenly he felt a heaviness on him, he couldn’t breathe as he felt two hands tightly wrapped around his neck strangling him slowly.


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