Shattered: Anything For My Sister-Episode 11


I entered fully into the room with Flora trailing behind me, holding my skirt tight. She glanced around my back, looking at her father and when he looks back, she’ll hide again behind me. He’s instilled a bone-deep fear into her.

He finished zipping his pants, “Flora here was just being kind enough to help daddy forget the pains of loosing mommy. Isn’t that right, Flora?” He asked looking at Flora.

“That’s right, Daddy.” My little sister quivered behind me.

My step dad pinned me with a glare. “This is exactly what happens when you deny me or go against me. Like I told you, the bigger the merrier.” he sneered at me as he stalked out of the room.

It took me a minute to get myself back together. I turned to Flora, and knelt down beside her, “Are you alright, Lora?”

She nodded, shook her head, nodded again.

Her wide eyes stared into mine, she’s confused and very frightened. “It’s weekend, would you like to go and play with Favour?”

She smiled a little, “Yea, I’d like to.” Her voice small.

“Okay then, come let me help you bathe and prepare.” I ushered her to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later with Flora gone, I climbed the stairs that led to mommy’s room. As I entered, I glanced around, this room holds great memories of mommy, I can even perceive her cologne strongly in it, tears threatened my eyes but I blinked them back. I walked straight to the drawer beside the bed, pulled it out and found what I was looking for– Birth control pills.

The first time I saw them was the day mommy asked me to get her diamond earrings and I opened this particular drawer in search of it, when I showed it to mommy, she told me what it is and what it does.

I opened the bottle and popped two pills into my mouth, swallowing them, I went downstairs to the couch where I left the Victorian Oil I bought for sunburn, I spilled lots of the oil into my palm, raised my skirt up with the other hand, pulled my panties aside and stuffed all of the oil inside my vagina as lubricant, then I headed straight to my step father’s room.

“I was enjoying the hand job until you stepped in and spoiled the fun. Next time, it won’t be a hand job.” He finished as I entered the room and bolted the door.

When I continued staring at him, he sneered.”Don’t ever go against me or you’ll regret it Ariana.”

Oh, I’m regretting it already but he doesn’t have to know about it. He was looking at me to see me cower in fear but I only smiled cynically at him. I held the zipper of my gown, looking him straight in the eye, I yanked on it.

His eyes widened in surprise as he looked at me. Unzipping the dress very well, I stepped out of it as I unclasped my bra and got out of my panties too. Naked, I climbed the bed, facing the big mirror at the side of the bed, I bent over and gave him my back.

After a full minute, the bed dipped and he joined me. “I don’t know what your game is, Ariana. You’d better not be fucking with me.” He stated behind me.

I should not be fucking with him? The pun in that statement was too hilarious to be ignored. I snorted at him.

“You little slut, see how wet you are.” He mumbled behind me as he struggled to get his pants down.

Dummy. I’m not even close to being wet but he doesn’t need to know that too. He grabbed my breasts and squeezed roughly, then from behind, he entered me like he did that horrible night.

It burned, not as badly as that night but bad enough. I bit my bottom lips to keep from making a sound of any sort that would feed his arousal. He withdrew and thrust in again, groaning about how he’s in heaven. With each thrust, I’ll look at the wall mirror in front of us staring at me. I want this image stuck in my head forever so I don’t ever forget…the day I officially became my step father’s whore.

With each thrust of his hip, I feel something die in me. A huge part of my innocence died swiftly minutes ago when I stood in front of Flora’s bedroom and took in the horrific scene before me but now, what’s left of it is dying a slow painful death with each thrust of his hips.

After he climaxed, he rolled to the side breathing heavily. “That was awesome, you’re a sweet girl.” he breathed.

I just got up from the bed and looked at him lying down there with sweat on his face and breathing heavily. “I don’t know about any other time but do you know that I can kill you right now?” I picked my dress up and waved the pocket knife I slipped into it on my way to his room.

His eyes widened as he stared at the knife, “Ariana, you didn’t just threaten your father with a knife.” He sounded incredulous.

I snorted, “Father? Oh please, spare me that bullcrap. And I just did, threatened you with a knife I mean.” I deadpanned.

“I can kill you right now and rid the world of your existence but I won’t do it…yet.” God knows that the only reason I didn’t kill the bastard in the first place was because I’ll surely go to jail and Flora’s life will be ruined forever…like mine. No mother, no father and no sister. Unthinkable.

“I don’t care what you do to me…I used to care anyway but not anymore. You’ve ruined my life, so I don’t give shit what happens to the rest of it, but Flora stays off-limits to you. Get too close to her again and no force in this world is gonna stop me from gutting the life out of you in anyway I can!” my voice filled with venom, I was practically vibrating with rage.

He sat up, “Ariana Amanda James!” He acted like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe that I was talking back to him. Take that, you bastard.

Oh, and I wasn’t finished. “Don’t ‘Ariana Amanda James’ me. You mark my words and make sure to heed them. You’ve given your own threats…and congratulations by the way, they’ve finally worked. Now am setting some ground rules, you don’t ever get your paws on Flora again and I’ll always be here for those paws of yours on me. I’m gonna be your whore but Flora’s off-limits to you. In. Every. Way.” I picked up my clothes and limped to the door, but stopped and stared at him.

For the first time in my life I saw fear in my step father’s eyes. Smart man, he knows to be afraid because I wasn’t bluffing a minute ago. I’ll see him to hell and back if he ever touches Flora again. I’ll do anything for my sister…murder included. “Don’t break the ground rules, Daaaddy and my room doors are always opened to you.” I stretched the words, laying emphasis on the word ‘Daddy’.

I didn’t spare him a glance again as I limped out of his room straight to mine, wincing with the effort it takes to walk. In my room, I went straight into the shower, I turned it on and scrubbed him out of my skin. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel clean again…but I don’t give shit anymore.

As I laid on my bed, a sentence kept running through my mind. Get the hell away from here with Flora.

Flora barely recovered from being uprooted from America to Nigeria, she only started adjusting to school, now I’m gonna uproot her again? But it’s for the better. Here’s not good for her anymore. Oh I’m so getting away from this hellhole but I’ve got to secure somethings that’ll help us not get stranded out there. I don’t know how out there is gonna be, I don’t know how the two of us will survive out there, I don’t know if it’s gonna be worse than being in here but one thing I know for sure is…

I’m getting the hell away from this house with Flora and far away from my step father. It’s just a matter of time.

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