Men Also Have Emotions

For years and countless relationship magazine articles, women have been sharing with us what they want in a man.conversely, the frequency of articles on what men want in a woman is much less, I’d even say rare.

One can spectulate as to why this deluge of articles on what women want, but if I had guess, I’d say one reason is that men tend not share feelings, making it difficult to know what they really want in a woman and out of a relationship.

Almost all of us are familiar with what women want in a man, we read about it often enough.

Among the top, women want a trustworthy, dependable and monogamous man. A man with eyes only for her and whose love and treatment is exclusive, a man who should be her protector, a confident man who is going places.

Ideally that same man has to be in touch with his feelings affectionate in the holding hands sense and sensitive too.

All of the above has to come wrapped in an attractive package of a good looking man who is well out and good in bed.

Now when it comes to what really do a man want in a woman, contrary to the popular myth and this might come as a surprise to many it’s not a curvy, drop dead gorgeous trophy wife that he can have great sex with Everytime and at any time, that’s just a fantasy every man entertains.

What a man really wants in a woman is simple- someone who sees him for who he’d rather be, the best version of himself.

A wise woman knows the importance of speaking life into her her man if you love him, believe in him, encourage him be his peace.

Men also have emotions, not every slay queen is a real queen.


Iwemjiwe Rachel

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