Side Effects Of Masturbation In Men

It was believed that masturbation has severe effects on the human body but moreover the said sex tool has been proven to be good for mental rest.

As they say too much of everything could be bad. A fork is designed for eating but using it as a weapon is an abuse on your part not on the fork. It’s the same for masturbation.

Too much masturbation may lead to hormonal changes within the body. The level of these changes totally depends on the number of times one indulges in masturbating. Potential risks may include:

Addiction: Masturbating might become an addiction if done too much. This addiction can be as harmful as any other drug addicts.

Erectile dysfunction: There is an increased risk to suffer from erectile dysfunction due to too much masturbating.

Neurological concerns: Several studies have indicated that over masturbation can cause severe neurological problems in men.

Premature ejaculation: Men masturbating too much would find it extremely difficult to control the release of sperms. And overstimulation of penile nerve is held responsible for this problem.

Pain: Rarely, too much roughness with the genitals might eventually lead to soring. Be gentle if this happens to bring things back to normal.

Guilt: To some guilt of the mind due to moral, religious and social beliefs could lead to mental imbalance.


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