Shattered: Anything For My Sister-Episode 7


My mistake was not locking my room’s door but I always leave it open so it’ll be easier for Flora to enter during the night after a nightmare.

I stared at the dark figure now making it into the room and my heart skipped several beats. “When did you come back from the business trip, daddy?” I asked

“Not so long ago. I really missed you, Ariana.” he drew closer.

“What did you mean by you missed me?” I gripped the bedspread and squeezed.

He ignored me as he scrolled towards me, climbed on top of the bed, his hands caressed my thighs.

“I could barely resist you when Alicia was alive, I didn’t want her to notice that I’m attracted to you because she’ll freak out.” He said referring to my mom.

“Why are you doing this, I’m your daughter for Chrissake!” I whisper-screamed in desperation.

He rolled his eyes, “You ain’t my daughter, Ariana. Your real father is dead, Alicia was a widow when I married her. A very beautiful young widow. You are not my daughter and I’m not sure anyone is more happier about the concept than I am.” He finished rather happily.

I can’t believe my own father wants to have sex with me. I don’t really know much about sex but I know for a fact that it’s not something you do with your daddy, I’ve never tried to disobey him before, I’ve always been an ideal daughter to him but I won’t let him do this to me! “I’ll fight you, daddy and I’m gonna scream so hard I’ll pull down the house!” I warned, standing up from the bed.

He laughed. “You fighting won’t achieve a thing. And screaming? The only thing you’ll achieve is waking Flora. Trust me, honey, You wouldn’t want Flora to join our little party now, would you? Not that I mind though. The bigger the merrier.” he grinned smugly.

I froze. Did he just…!? “It’s a lie, you won’t do it, Flora’s just a child!” Bile rose in my throat and I swallowed it down.

“You’re the only one that thinks that, my dear. Alicia thinks you’re still a child too.” His eyes stared holes all over me as if he’s seeing through my oversized nightie. “But no child carries curves like that and boobs like those. You ain’t no child and you’re mine, so unless you want Flora in on our little party, you’d better cooperate.”

Oh God… He’s a monster. I pictured my little sister, her innocent little face and wide trusting eyes…no, I’ll do anything to spare her this horror. I’ll do anything for my sister.

Cornered. I feel cornered and trapped. Tears spilled from my eyes as I laid back on the bed and gripped the bed sheet. He pried my hands away from the bed sheet as he removed my nightwear and quickly did the same to the remains of his clothing.

I’ve never seen a naked man before but as my eyes went lower… My eyes widened. “No, daddy. Why are you doing this! Please don’t do this to me.” I pleaded desperately. Oh my God! I really don’t wanna think that that…big thing is going to enter my body. I almost had a panic attack there.

“Look at your skin, so white and flawless. You really look like Alicia.” He said as he climbed to the bed, completely ignoring my pleads.

“I don’t want this!” I cried helplessly.

“You’re gonna need this, honey.” He said as he grabbed my kerchief from the nightstand and stuffed it into my mouth.

I didn’t understand what he meant as he climbed on top of me. Then, I felt a big nudge probing me down there and then it entered.

“Aaaarrh!’ I screamed but the kerchief muffled it as I felt an extremely searing pain like no other I’ve ever felt before. My throat vibrated as I beat down on the gay. God!… I think I’m gonna die! it burns a lot.

“Aaah……you’re so tight sweetie.” He groaned.

I’m dying! I wanted to scream at him but couldn’t. He withdrew and I almost felt relieved until he thrust in again and again and again. 
I couldn’t think of anything but the pain I was feeling.

What felt like an eternity later, he shook violently on top of me. For a moment I thought he was about to die of convulsions…good riddance…but when I looked through my tears-filled eyes and blurry sight, he doesn’t look like he’s about to die, far from it. He looked like a man in paradise.

“You’re so sweet, honey. Stop crying, don’t worry it won’t be like this the next time, it’s normal to feel a little pain.” He said as he rolled to the side of the bed.

If what I feel now is the definition of ‘a little pain’ then I’d rather die than feel ‘a big pain’. And what does he mean by ‘next time’? I thought as I cried profusely.

” You’re bleeding rather too much though” He stated as he checked me out. He shrugged, “But then again, maybe you just started seeing your monthly flux.” He concluded as he removed the gag from my mouth and pecked my lips.

“See you next time, daddy’s gonna go get some sleep, I’ve got a conference meeting tomorrow.” he got up and left.

What just happened now? I feel so much pain. I tried to get my legs back together but even the effort was painful so I gave up. Everywhere was dead silent, just the quiet sounds of my muffled cries filled the air.

I cried for so long until I started feeling sleepy. I’m just seventeen, why would daddy do this to me!? Through my tears, I could have sworn that I saw mommy sitting at the far end of my bed.

And like me…her eyes were filled with tears.



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