Shattered: Anything For My Sister- Episode 4


The next morning, I woke up and automatically reached for my watch, it was 7:12am. I bolted from the bed, not bothering to shower or change my pajamas, I slipped my legs into the slippers and turned to rush outside, then I saw my door that I locked and barricaded with a dresser.

I breathed deeply, as the events of last night came crashing in. At least I know daddy will be sober now and back to himself in no time. I unlocked my door all the while inwardly beating myself for oversleeping. I forgot that I gotta prepare Flora for school especially today that she’s got a speech to present and I have a JAMB lesson to start also.I made my way to the kitchen to make breakfast and stopped dead on my tracks.

I saw Flora seated at the dinning table, completely dressed for school in her school uniform and helping herself to breakfast… bread and tea. She looked up to me when she saw me enter and smiled adorably.

“Good morning, Aria” she beamed. “I made breakfast, come and eat.”

“Good morning, honey pie. You could’ve woke me up to help get you ready for school.” I said as I walked to her and hugged her tightly, I ruffled her perfectly packed hair.

She pouted up at me for ruffling her hair. “I walked into your room to do just that but one look at you made me think otherwise.” she started as she straightened her hair.

“Huh!? Just how did I look, you little mussel?” I said in a bright voice.

“Exhausted.” Her pixie cute little face turned sad and her eyes clouded. “For a sleeping person, you sure looked mighty exhausted.” she finished jokingly just to clear the air that has already gone tense from her sudden sadness.

Sometimes, I do have a hard time reminding myself that Flora is a ten-year-old girl… now is one of those times. For a ten-year-old, she sure speaks like she’s fifty… all mature and sagely.

I cleared my throat, “Well, am perfectly rested now, so allow big sister to take it from here. Let’s get you to school before it’s late.”

“Okay, Aria.” She got up from the dinning seat taking my outstretched hand.

Immediately, dad strode into the living room. One look at him and I remembered yesterday’s event and stiffened unconsciously, looking at him with wary eyes. What will he do now? Will he remember what he did? Will he apologize for it being a mistake?

He looked at Flora and I, then he smiled, “Good morning, my Angels.” he said to us.

I relaxed visibly, signing with relief. Thank God, I knew it was just the alcohol talking yesterday, my daddy wouldn’t have consciously touched me inappropriately.

“Daddy! You’re back, Good morning, daddy!” Flora exclaimed as she rushed and hugged him.

“Good morning, little angel. Daddy is back.” He said as he picked her up and swing her around.

“I haven’t seen you recently daddy, where have you been? Leaving ol’ Aria and I alone.” she pouted.

“Sorry, sweetie. Dad’s been off his head for some time now, but he’s back again” he reassured.

“Yeeeeii!” Flora exclaimed happily, hugging him tighter.

When she released him, he turned staring straight at me, pinning me with his eyes, he said. “We’ll be one big happy family once again.” 
I don’t know the reason but those words sent goosebumps all over my body. I shrugged off the feeling anyway.

“Come on, Lora. Let’s get you to school. You’re gonna be late for your speech presentation.” I called to Flora, stretching out my hand.

She reached for it immediately. “Sling me my bag! Aria.” she ordered jokingly. I threw her school bag to her and she caught it. 
“I like that day is back now. We’re gonna be a whole family again!” She stated, beaming in joy.

“Damn right. Bye sweetie, give daddy a kiss” dad said to Flora, bending down.

Flora gave him a big, resounding smooch on the cheek. He turned to me, “Your turn, Ariana” he said to me.

I walked to him and pecked his cheeks as always. I turned to go but stopped me. He held my waist and kissed me fully on the lips.

“I’ll see you later, Ariana.” He said to me, winked and went to the bathroom.

I turned sharply to see if Flora witnessed what just happened but fortunately, she was taking her breakfast dishes to the kitchen. What was all that about?

Later, I took Flora to school and on my way back home, getting her settled in but for some reason, I didn’t wanna go back home. 
I dreaded going back home, 
I dreaded seeing dad, 
I dreaded being alone with him, 
Most especially, I felt guilty for my thoughts.

Where are all these thoughts coming from? Surely am over thinking it. He’s my father, so naturally he’s interested in me. I don’t know much about any other attraction, so why am I making outrageous assumptions?

“Get your act together, Ariana. Get your mind outta the gutter.” I cautioned myself as I started going back home.

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