How To Keep Your Patner In The Mood For long.

Do you ever wonder why you no longer have interest in love making when you are with your patner?

You might think he/she isn’t attractive any longer to you, but the fact is you both have lost the connection to each other’s heart.

You can ignite that spark again if you try these steps.

1.Talk about your fantasies. 

Distract yourself from your little head and use your big head in bed. Indulging in dirty talk and fantasies can help reignite the pleasure of sex for both of you.

2.Get kinky. 

Speak about your secret fantasies and fetishes with each other and indulge in them. Sometimes, all you need to bring your little guy up is a whole new sexual experience!

3.Be comfortable in bed.

Don’t carry your own weight on your arms for too long when you’re on top of her. Feel relaxed and avoid any scenarios that bother you like sweating too much, overeating before sex or having sex when you’re too tired.

4.Quit smoking if you can.

Smoking destroys your lungs which in turn affect the amount of oxygen your lungs can absorb, which increases the fatigue in your muscles and leaves you tired all the time. The more oxygen in your body, the easier it will be for that all important muscle to function down there.

5.Don’t masturbate too often.

Masturbation can be good to control the problem of premature ejaculation, but it’s not good if you want to keep it hard for a long time.


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