Secondary School Lesbian Love – Part 2

She couldnt speak or move as hands started
gropping her body, touching her petite just
emerging Bosom, rubbing all over her back,
neck, hair, face, all her body. She started
heating up, just staring at Nike, unable to look
away from those hynotising eyes or even to

Nike took her face in her hands and claimed
her lips in a very searing hot kiss, probing her
mouth with her tongue and really french kissing
her. Nike was a connoiser of kissing, she knew
how to make a nun kiss back. In no time
Franca found herself thrusting back at the
tongue in her mouth, sucking up the saliva
flowing freely from moth their mouths. Her
body was flushed with heat and pleasure she
never knew existed permeated her body. Soon
she felt a mouth on her erect Tips sucking and
kneading the little fat filled sac, another mouth
took the other Tips and soon her entire body
was filled with mouths and hands working and
wrecking havoc on her senses.

She began struggling for breath, trying to free
her lips from Nike’s lips but to no avail. Then
Franca felt a hand on her crotch moving round
and round until a finger touched that protruding
knob at the top of her Kittycat and started
rubbing on it. She gasped and convolsed as
she experienced pleasure she never had in all
the times she had been touching herself. It was
pleasure beyong imagining as she saw stars
and by the time she came down from her high,
she realised the other girls had released her
and Nike was leading against a cubicle door
looking at her with hooded eyes and a half
smile playing her lips.
”Welcome back” she said ”thats just a little, a
fragment of the pleasure i can and will give
you. come to my class when you are ready to
feel more” so saying, Nike and her entourage
walked out of the bathroom, leaving Franca still
panting, Kittycat open and dripping love juice
and a sudden feeling of emptiness.
She stayed in that position for minutes and only
got up when she began shivering. She was
confused and didn’t know what to do but one
thing she was sure of was that she wanted
more of the pleasure she had just experienced.

She wanted more..

To Be Continued… 

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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of

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