Screwed Up By Tom – Part 1

He slammed his lips against mine and I groaned in approval, my nipples hardening behind the light fabric of my night dress. 

My hands wrapped around his neck and pulled him as close as possible, his hands wasted no time as they moved from my waist to cup my ass. He squeezed them hard and pulled me against himself, forcing my thighs to feel his hard member. I wondered how big he was, my hands we’re literally itching to rip off his trousers and hold his meat. The thought of him filling me with it increased the heat between my legs and I felt evidence of my horniness drip into my white lace panties.

“I want you.” He growled against my neck, his voice, once calm, gentlemanly and like classical music to my ears, now seemed controlling, possessive, every word dripped of power. The three simple words sounded like an order from a military man and I dared not protest, I couldn’t, not when I was melting in his arms with my core aching to feel him in me.

I started to mess with his belt, desperate to be fucked senseless.

Although I didn’t like the word fuck, I never let any of my exes say it to me,  it seemed too dirty, something done by animals, unfit for the virgin church girl my parents thought I was, but right now it was all I wanted. I tugged and pulled on that belt, my insides screaming to be touched but he stopped me almost immediately.

“Hands off.” He ordered and I looked at him confused but I obeyed nonetheless. I looked at him confused. Did I turn him off? Why did he stop? I thought he wanted it just as much.

“Back away from me.” He stated emotionlessly and I did.  For some reason I felt ashamed, tears threatened to fall down my face but I held them back.

“Tom Please don’t stop-” My voice shook as I stood embarrassed and tried to explain myself but he cut me off.

“Stop.” A slight smirk formed on his face as he trailed his eyes down my almost naked body then back up to shame filled face. He stared at my breasts hungrily for a while before his eyes took in the rest of my body again.

“Take off all you have on.” He ordered. Being the very slow, dumb and over religious girl that I was -although he didn’t know that- it took me almost a minute to process what he had just said and when I finally did his smirk had started to turn into a frown. I quickly held the ends of my dress, pulled it over my head and let it drop to the floor.

My hands wrapped themselves around my breast to cover them from his preying eyes and I looked to the ground in shame but the heat between my legs only increased as I realised he was starring at my breast.

“Take everything off.” His voice danced into my ears again and a chill ran down my spine. I looked down at my white lace underwear and my hands slowly pulled it down. The cold night breeze hit my shaven core but it did nothing to quench the fire burning in it, the only thing that could quench it was hidden behind Tom’s jeans and I was starting to doubt if he wanted me or not.

After discarding my underwear I covered my womanly parts with my hands and stared at the floor but Tom wanted none of that. “Take your hands off.”  He scolded and I drew my hands away immediately.

“Now, where were we…” He trailed and I looked up to find his eyes on my breasts again…

To be continued  

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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of

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